Perjurer in Michael Brown Shooting Under Arrest


Hands up liar

Dorian Johnson has been arrested.

CNN reported that Officers arrested Johnson Wednesday after he allegedly interfered with an arrest and was seen “discarding suspected narcotics on the ground,” St. Louis County Police spokeswoman Leah K. Freeman said.

It was inevitable – he’s not only a criminal, he was rewarded for being one and for lying to the investigators in the Michael Brown shooting.

Johnson is the hands up, don’t shoot lying witness to the Michael Brown shooting who was given a job after the shooting instead of being arrested for perjury or for assisting Michael Brown’s theft prior to his death.

In early December, he was awarded a St. Louis city government job that paid around $8.50 an hour, The St. Louis Dispatch reported. He kept the job for a month.

NBC News reported that Johnson was filing a civil suit against the city of Ferguson and Officer Darren Wilson. He is seeking $25,000 in damages. The filing claims  he suffered psychological scars and emotional distress.

It’s not easy being a drug dealer, thief and a liar these days.

Even though he lied about every aspect of the Michael Brown shooting, he is still being described as a “witness”-  not a false witness which is what he is. The suit alleges he was wrongly stopped and fired on during the encounter.

The lawsuit claims he was fired on without probable cause and he is claiming that the city and former police chief, Thomas Jackson, were biased and instigated biased police behavior according to the Department of Justice findings.

Instead of being arrested, he was rewarded with a job and now he’s suing thanks to a corrupt DOJ. If he wins the suit, he can use the money to build up his criminal endeavors.

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