Pet Shelters: Helicopter Pet Owners Only Need Apply


If you’re thinking about adopting a pet this Christmas, you might want to reconsider and adopt a baby because it might be easier. The shelters are getting crazy-picky.

DEFINITELY don’t say you are looking for a watch dog because they want YOU to watch your dog. They want you to be the watch person to keep them safe and have your eye on them constantly while they are in the yard.

Applicants are now expected to stay away from the evil dog parks, have knowledge of dog illnesses, and be prepared to spend whatever money necessary for any ailment they might have.

Cats are slightly easier to adopt but you must agree to feed them expensive organic food only. They will ask you questions such as your means of earning a living, whether you have houseplants, and if you own a washer/dryer (wouldn’t want a chance of the cat slipping in and getting washed).

The animal-control website has a page dedicated solely to how to keep your pet from being kidnapped, such as alternating the times you let the dog into your yard.

Read Ms. Skenazy’s article on helicopter pet owners  at the WSJ

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