Pete Buttigieg Displays a Photo of America’s New First Family


Pete Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist professor, himself very far-left, can be seen on a number of magazine and newspaper covers today with his husband. Emblazoned across the photos are the words, ‘First Family.’ They are the first family of teeny little South Bend.

If he’s referring to the First Family of the USA, shouldn’t he win the election first?

It’s a bit presumptuous since the mayor of the depressed city of South Bend barely registers in polling at 3% to 7%, although most polls show him beating President Donald Trump.

This was published by Time Magazine, a left-biased publication, and it’s meant to bring his name back to the public’s attention. The cop-hating mayor is using the photos as a demonstration of hope for the nation since we now have gay marriage which we did not have five years ago.

There are many people who will vote for him because he’s gay instead of voting for him because he’s qualified. That’s not a hopeful message.

This photo gets attention. Pete is trying to leave the pack in polling and rise to the top.


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A first family.

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