Pete Buttigieg Promises to Give All Illegal Aliens a Path to Citizenship


Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg unveiled his immigration plan on Sunday, and in it, he reveals his intention to give every illegal alien in the country a path to citizenship.

Nothing like rewarding lawbreakers and letting the rest of the world know that we give citizenship to people who come here illegally.

He will offer all legal residents a path to citizenship as well.

“Our policies should acknowledge that immigrants are not outsiders,” Buttigieg wrote in the plan.

They’re not?

That means another Republican will not be elected president in the foreseeable future and probably never.


“Whatever drives people to move across borders—opportunity, conflict, climate change, economic insecurity—we must welcome the stranger and respect the dignity of every person,” St. Pete said. He left out drug dealing, trafficking, to collect welfare and other freebies offered by Democrats.

The mayor of the small city of South Bend — run by Notre Dame — is reportedly leaving it worse off than it was. The crime rate has gone up under his 8-year reign. It only stands to reason he would want to give amnesty to every lawbreaker here.

He claims there are ‘about’ 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S. but at least one study out of Yale says there are 22 million.

Buttigieg is in fourth place in national surveys but recently surged to first and second place respectively in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

His support among minorities isn’t great and this plan is meant to change that.


Buttigieg said at the 6th debate this past week that he wants to give reparations to illegal aliens and a certain path to citizenship. He claims it’s our fault that these parents — some are not even related to the children — are victims. They brought these children through dangerous territory and should be arrested for child abuse, not given reparations as they break into our country illegally.

St. Pete, the son of a famous communist professor, will halt in border wall construction and work on addressing “root causes” for why some immigrants flee their homes and countries as if that is our fault or concern.

He will reverse the President’s policies on his first day in office.

His message will be that foreigners, illegally here, are more important than the will of citizens. He doesn’t care what they want.

His Douglass Plan includes ending private prison contracts for immigration detention centers. In other words, he won’t detain very many people since ICE depends on private prisons. He’ll give illegals lawyers and he will give aid back to countries sending illegal aliens.

His policies are open borders policies and he is no moderate. He is very far-left. Socialist Democrats like St. Pete will ruin the country. It’s already well on its way to ruination and might be irreversible now.

The socialist Democrats plan to take all our freedoms and all our money.

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Alejandro M Castro (@VRUTHik1PV5Bo4g)
Alejandro M Castro (@VRUTHik1PV5Bo4g)
3 years ago

We can’t believe this candidate for the presidency, Buttigieg, will be giving citizenship to all illegals and immigrants here in the U.S.. This man is in total desperation and want every non-citizen to vote for him in 2020. All of this candidates are trying hard, to destroy our country. Socialism, Communism….anything goes.

xsnake ralf
xsnake ralf
3 years ago

Petey wouldn’t mind if we broke into his house and made ourselves to home?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

These crazed Communists hiding under labels of Progressives have been salivating the end of our country for decades, they see their opportunity because the citizenry is in state of apostasy spiritually, dumbfounded by propaganda and under the illusion of needing security from government.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

It is not only in the USA…look around…

John Acord
John Acord
3 years ago

Dan Patrick, the Lt.Governor of Texas, has stated that there are at least 40 million illegals in the USA in 2018 and the numbers are climbing. When you count the children of these illegals the numbers could be as high as 50 million. Each one of these people cost the economy, including depressed wages, at least $50,000 a year in increased housing, education, medical, welfare, and job costs, and contribute nothing in return of any value. That’s at least 2 TRILLION a year, enough to pay off all student debt, house the homeless, increase pay to the military, and give social security recipients a 25% rise in benefits. Projected over a lifetime in current dollars that’s 100 TRILLION sufficient tp pay off the national debt 4 times over, fund a generous social security nest egg for every American, give free training lifetime professional vocational training to all American workers.