Pete Buttigieg’s Absolutely Awful Douglass Plan


Mayor Pete, currently under pressure for a police shooting, has come up with a Black Lives Matter-style plan to cure racism. He named the plan after Frederick Douglass.

Buttigieg quickly threw his police department under the bus during the debates, claiming there is systemic racism in his police department. That was his way of dealing with some angry community members after a police officer shot a black man with a knife attempting to attack him.

Now the mayor of the high-crime city plans to throw the country under the bus to accommodate the most extreme black, Soros-funded group. He’s pandering.

The plan is based on the false assumption that there is systemic racism everywhere which government can social engineer out of existence through affirmative action in all aspects of our lives.

Don’t forget, Mayor Pete’s father was a famous communist professor. We’re just saying.

“So it’s very clear that as a consequence of systemic racism, black Americans have been excluded from the growth and the opportunity that our nation has provided,” Buttigieg declares in a launch video. He notes racial disparities in health, wealth, criminal justice, and more, proposing the Douglass Plan as an attempt to bring “true nationwide restorative justice.”


The Douglass Plan is a good political move but a bad plan for America. Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist professor, enlisted two extreme black activists — Chike Aguh and lawyer Portia Allen-Kyle — to create the plan. Everything about it is aimed at making victims of all black people.

It includes:
  • He would eliminate the so-called “discriminatory voter ID requirements.”
  • The South Bend Mayor would add automatic voter registration, make Election Day a holiday, and … fight “fake news.”
  • He said, “in the era of Facebook and unaccredited news sites, we need to work with tech companies and develop policies that limit the spread of false information online.” He thinks it’s the job of government — along with tech giants — to police speech.
  • It would grant statehood to D.C. which is 50% black and mostly Democrat.
  • Instead of an Electoral College, dictator Buttigieg would put the Soros National Popular Vote in place. [He sees that as giving the vote to blacks since New York an California will rule the country.]
  • Buttigieg will call for an amendment to Citizens United [depriving corporations of free speech].
  • Public colleges would be free for low-income students with an emphasis on race.
  • He would give $25 billion for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other institutions with a large racial minority make-up. It would only be based on skin color.
  • There would be $10 billion for low-income and minority businesses. All Pell Grants given to minorities would be forgiven if they start and maintain a business within five years and employ at least three people. [There are a lot of poor whites and rich blacks, just saying]
  • He supports increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour [which means lost jobs].
  • There is a new criminal justice reform package which eliminates drug possession as a crime, abolishes private prisons, establishes a “clemency commission” in the DOJ to pardon more criminals, cut court fines and fees, abolish the death penalty, give Pell Grants to the imprisoned, and give federal grants to states that help criminals find jobs [big government waste].
  • Felons would have the right to vote upon release. [It’s always good to have your local felon picking out the county sheriff.]
  • He would establish a federal database for police use of force and make it harder for them to use force. He’d eliminate the broken windows policing [which has proven effective].
  • Buttigieg would create a Community Homestead Act to promote homeownership among black Americans. He also would direct the EPA to focus on “environmental justice,” pushing economically destructive climate change policies in the name of race.

It’s a grievance package while Donald Trump is helping to add jobs for minority Americans.

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