Pete Hegseth still banned until he stops furthering terrorists’ goals???


Pete Hegseth is still not back on Twitter. He was suspended and deprived access to his account for posting information about the Pensacola terrorist. Everyone should be concerned about this. He did nothing wrong. He shared the terrorist’s own words.

The Fox contributor appealed but Twitter will not reinstate him until he deletes the tweet.

A spokesperson for Twitter told The Washington Times three days ago that Mr. Hegseth’s tweet is in violation of the platform’s policies and that he can resume posting from his account once he deletes it.

Twitter policy prohibits users from distributing media or propaganda that can further a terrorist organization or violent extremist group’s stated goals, according to the company.

This is what Mr. Hegseth shared:

After he was banned, he posted on Instagram:

This is the message he received:

He appealed:


The Big Tech control of free speech is out of control. They are the PC mafia and it results in people being left uninformed. It’s dangerous.

One will rarely see conservative tweets trending on Jack Dorsey’s platform. In fact, it is consumed by far-left trends and tweets. Conservatives are banned for the slightest offenses whereas the left is free to say anything. Even if a conservative doesn’t violate the rules, s/he can be blocked, banned, and made to disappear. Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth is the latest victim.

Hegseth was suspended from Twitter for posting nothing more than a screenshot of the Pensacola terrorist’s comments. In it, the terrorist condemned the USA and quoted Osama bin Laden.

Hegseth wrote in his post, “The coward posted it just hours before his terrorist attack. This is Islamist terror. No reason to ever mince words. Saudi Arabia must be held to account.”

Hegseth discovered he was locked out of his account after he posted the screenshot and was informed he could regain access if he deleted the tweet. He is refusing to do so because it’s news and there is nothing wrong with it.

“I simply posted the words of the terrorist who killed three Americans in a terrorist attack, yet I’m violating the Twitter policy on terrorism and therefore I am banned,” Hegseth explained to Tucker Carlson on his show last week.

He was simply reporting.

Mr. Hegseth served in Afghanistan, Iraq, GITMO, and, knowing what we are dealing with when it comes to terrorists, he said it is incredibly dangerous if we don’t have the right to speak freely on social media platforms. “We’re gonna get the false narrative of the PC folks from Silicone Valley every single day of the week. And they banned me, and if they’ll ban me, they’ll ban anybody.”

Carlson pointed out that there are literally thousands of people being banned from Twitter.

Hegseth agreed, and added the Islamic issue as a point of fact, “It’s not the people who have a profile, it’s the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans who share stuff about radical Islam, which is taboo, who are blocked every single day.”

“Silicon Valley is in bed with defending, under the guise of defending against Islamophobia, anyone who exposes the things that radical Islam is doing. That’s what I ran up against here,” he said.

“There’s literally no limit to the things you can say about Christianity or Christians and remain on the platform,” Hegseth noted.



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