Peter Buttigieg, Just Another Flash in the Pan with Good Press


The media is salivating all over Peter Buttigieg’s campaign. The MSM believes they finally found the man (white man) who can save them from Orange Man Bad. Maybe they should rethink that. Pete’s a gasbag, with a teeny record of success.

Buttigieg thinks he can beat Donald Trump after having won his mayoral campaign in South Bend with 80% of the votes cast. That’s quite a success for the son of a leading Marxist Professor.  The only thing you should know is that 80% is 80% of 8515 votes and the city always votes for Democrats.

South Bend has only voted for Democrats for the last forty years, so no biggie. Once his name was put on the ballot for mayor, it was in the bag. His Republican opponent had no money and he had hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Peter Buttigieg calls South Bend a “turnaround city,” but there has been a wave of shootings lately. Nothing has turned around either.

Washington Post did one of the puff pieces on him, and quote Buttigieg as saying, “Change is coming, ready or not. There is a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities: the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back.”

Remember when Obama said something like that? About manufacturing, he asked if Trump had a “magic wand.” The leftists are ultimately pessimists and they don’t have answers.

Pete’s a believer in big government and wants you to think he turned the city around with government programs. They do have casinos in South Bend and union jobs, and they are also lucky enough to have Notre Dame. The school provides a lot of hourly wage jobs.

With this as his background, Buttigieg thinks he’s ready for a presidential run. We give him a high score for confidence, but not for much of anything else.

The media sees him as the new rising star. He comes in third among the Democratic field of candidates for President with only 9% of the vote, but it’s early and there are many competitors in the race.

The media loves him today. NPR says he’s “leaning on his record,” Curbed says Buttigieg “revitalized South Bend,” Rolling Stone babbles about “the eternal sunshine of Mayor Pete.” The Guardian says he’s a standout. Politico is slobbering all over him too.

The son of a commie revitalized South Bend in his imagination only. Benjamin Studebaker blasts the mayor’s tales of turning the city into a tech mecca. Studebaker says it’s more like “dust” than a mecca. Only 1.2% of jobs are in the tech industry. People are providing services for college students.

South Bend is poor and unproductive, just another leftist city. Studebaker describes Buttigieg this way: “He’s just another Ivy League McKinsey consultant looking to find ways to make the world a little bit better for rich folks and a little bit worse for everyone else.”

He concludes: “But the coastie press doesn’t talk to the people who lost their homes because Buttigieg doesn’t think they’re pretty enough. Instead, it just keeps reporting on how “smart” he is and how many languages he speaks. Buttigieg doesn’t give a damn about people, and neither do they. The Studebaker family is big, and I don’t speak for all of it. But in my view, he’s not curing South Bend of its sickness–he embodies the rot. Notre Dame gets bigger, and the ordinary people who built the city are forgotten. It’s not good for South Bend, and it wouldn’t be good for the country.”

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Barry Takacss
Barry Takacss
4 years ago

no one needs more democrat garbage. they are wong on abortion, gun control, taxes and income redistribution, and other things. throw them in the dumpster where they belong

Open Borders Clown Car Circus
Open Borders Clown Car Circus
4 years ago

Speaking of Notre Dame Ol’ South Bend in northern Indiana has turned into mini-Chiraq under Petey Buttplug’s watch, a feather in the cap for the new and improved wonderboy of the CPUSA aka the democRATS.
He knows the Bolshevik media will never call on him the disastrous turn of events in South Bend.
Deplorable Kulaks in Flyoverstan will say who and then get back to work paying for all the free stuff.