Petty Rep Stops President from Painting Air Force One Red, White, & Blue


The Democrat-led House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would force President Donald Trump to obtain approval from congressional Democrats before adjusting the design of Air Force One.

Petty lawmakers allegedly want to reign the President in after he suggested a change in the iconic [washed out] colors to the [really iconic colors] of red, white, and blue, the same shade we see on the flag.



On Tuesday afternoon, during a hearing on the National Defense Authorization Act, a Pentagon budget bill, the panel voted to adopt an amendment from Rep. Joe Courtney, D-Conn., that he said would prohibit cost overruns on issues like the plane’s paint and livery.

Courtney’s amendment would limit “over-and-above work” on anything “relating to aircraft paint scheme, interiors, and livery,” meaning that the Air Force would not be able to do any work on the plane beyond the parameters of the original contracts without congressional approval.

The provision still has a long way to go, though. The National Defense Authorization Act still has yet to be passed by the full House and Senate before it can become law.

On Tuesday evening, in an interview with ABC News, Trump unveiled his new concept designs for the plane. The plane would have a new red, white and blue color scheme as opposed to its current cyan, white and blue.

During the hearings on Wednesday, petty Joe Courtney, the chair of the committee’s Subcommittee on Seapower and Expeditionary Forces told his fellow House members that he just wants to ensure that the president’s decisions don’t add unexpected costs or time delays to the deal [sure, we believe that] and that Air Force One maintains a “traditional” look.

Apparently, red, white, and blue does not meet with their understanding of “traditional.”

Democrats are hopeful that even if their bill doesn’t pass, the President will be voted out and will never get to ride in a newly-painted plane or the plan will be dropped completely.

A lot of the hard-left that control Twitter were quite nasty. This fool asked if they weren’t the Russian colors. Someone needs to explain they are the colors of the United States flag.



  1. When the dims regain the white house they should paint it up in rainbow colors with a wig of the same colors over the cockpit.
    San Fran Nan will be the füherette of AF-1 and will be jetting around with the posse just for dining out and shopping mall runs or to bring in some more most favored future democrat voters from wild out of the way places.
    I want a Generallissimo outfit for Clown World and a squad of cheerleaders chanting motivational things or funny put downs, of course they will be dressed in clown gear.

  2. I like President Trump’s darker blue and his sleeker color design for Air Force One. The lighter blue is NOT the shade of blue that appears on the American flag. I hope he can figure a way around the petty members of Congress who continue to display Deep State-inflicted mental problems manifested in their obsessive-compulsive behaviors related to their unrelenting—and apparently incurable—Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump 2020!

  3. I think “democrats” are just digging themselves a deeper electoral grave. Still, if they can steal enough votes, enroll enough illegal aliens, who knows?

    • Wow! “seditious gay Kenyan commie”, you don’t hide your white supremacist, dysfunctional education, and misinformed perspective well do you? And to think that you would be so PROUD to express it in 2019…smh

  4. Wow, I really like Trump’s new scheme (or the one he is advocating anyway. I’d be surprised if he actually created it himself. But I wouldn’t deny it either). It’s far more classy looking and visually impressive than the old one. It’s one of those things where you don’t even notice the problems with the old until you see a better alternative. The new scheme is an improvement on all levels (and it’s a NEW PLANE, now is changing the paint scheme going to add to cost? The US can’t afford to give our executive transport a new paintjob now?). The only reasons the Democrats are against it (besides that Trump proposed it and they are against EVERYTHING Trump says) is because they don’t want RED on THEIR Presidential Jet. How do you it ended up just white and blue to start with? They intentionally left the red out. It’s too even-handed and fair for them, they like the subtle propaganda of making blue “the color of government”.
    That and considering how good the new one looks, they are probably worried that the people will like it too much, and even if they manage to destroy everything else he accomplished, the new AF1 paint scheme will exist as a standing memorial to Trumpism. They hate that idea. They plan to wipe out every last trace of Trump, clease his defilement from the seat of power before they take it back. They don’t like upstarts who actually speak for the people, it upsets them. We will probably all disappear in he middle of the night, someday years later, after the People’s Democratic Party takes power. Long after Trump is gone and the US is a Communist country, every last person who spoke up for him will be at risk of “disappearance” if they spoke at all loudly. They will blot Trump out, and they have a long memory.

  5. What a stupid idea. We’re running a $22 trillion dollar deficit and the First Moron wants to spend a million or two more repainting an airplane that doesn’t need a paint job at all. If he doesn’t like the color scheme that much then he shouldn’t use it for so many trips to his golf courses.

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