‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli Cries as He Begs for Mercy, Gets 7 Years


After tearfully begging for mercy, Martin Shkreli, the ‘Pharm bro’, got seven years in jail. He found religion too late as he refrained from criticizing the court and his conviction as he has in the past.

The former proud pharma crook took responsibility for his actions.

The sentence, which was less than half of what the government had asked for but more than the 18 months requested by the defense, came after Shkreli sobbed and begged a federal court in New York for “your honor’s mercy.”

He was also ordered to pay a $75,000 fine and $7.3 million in forfeiture, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue.

The prosecutor said he repeatedly lied to his investors and manipulated the stock market.

Shkreli has been behind bars since September when a judge found he broke the terms of his bail by offering social media followers money for a hair sample from then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

He has been very obnoxious but six months in prison seems to have knocked some of the arrogance out of him. Those six months will go towards his 7 year sentence.

There is something wrong with this guy.

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5 years ago

I haven’t followed this case that closely but as I understand the primary cause was the exorbitant prices that was charged. Apparently, according to his own explanation the drug in question was being provided to those in need. From what he described it seems there were some serious issues in that drug. I’d have to watch the interview again but in typical fashion the media may have over hyped this entire situation.

5 years ago

Don’t stop with Martin Shkreli courts, the Pharma industry is a rip off racket along with the insurance and medical industries, The government has all the tools it needs to break all those monopolies right now. USC 15 Chapter 1 makes clear that such actions are illegal. Not only are they illegal they’re felonies, not just civil offenses. Yet nobody — literally nobody, whether at the state or federal level will take this on. these buttheads on MSM talk about the NRA owning the politicians, what the NRA gives to THE POLITICIANS IS CRUMBS COMPARED TO WHAT THE PHARMA, INSURANCE AND MEDICAL RACKETS GIVE !!!!!!!!!