Philomena: A Hollywood Propaganda Film for the Ignorant Proletariat





I saw an indie film – Philomena – yesterday and let me begin by saying it was a good film, thoroughly interesting with great acting. What is my complaint? The propaganda is what I take issue with. Not only the propaganda, but the fact that the writers think the audience is so stupid that they’d not notice it for what it was.

The film is inspired by a true story about Philomena Lee who embarks on a search for her now 50-year old son Anthony who was born in the convent where she was sent when she became pregnant out of wedlock. She was forced to give him up for adoption but had never abandoned hope of finding him.

She is introduced to a disgraced and fired bbc reporter, Martin Sixsmith, who tracks down her son only to find out he’s deceased.

The son, who was gay, died of HIV/AIDS. In one scene, Philomena, who gave up her son when he was three years old, said she always knew he was gay…he was sensitive.  It’s a ridiculous statement but it is meant to convince people that you are born gay if you are gay. I have no personal opinion on that issue but I know propaganda when I see it.

In another scene, a colleague tells Philomena that her son, a GOP bigwig, didn’t like working for Bush or Reagan because he had to be closeted as a gay person since the GOP were ashamed of gays.

In another scene we are told that the GOP are ‘rabidly homophobic.’

Finally, the reporter tracks down the son’s boyfriend and takes Philomena to see him. He shows the duo an old movie of his boyfriend smiling, playing the piano, kissing and hugging his boyfriend. Then a scene appears in which her son is seen with Ronald Reagan, but he is wincing and then looking down sadly when Reagan touches him. It was an obvious attempt to paint Reagan as homophobic.

None of the propaganda was part of the story and it had no role in furthering the plot. The comments and visuals were oddly placed and stood out as incongruous. It appeared amateurish.

The plot focuses on cruel and deceitful nuns who lie to Philomena and at the end, a satanic Sister Hildegard McNulty spits out words of hate and venom towards Philomena. As it turns out, the real Sister Hildegard died in 1995, nine years before the Sixsmith investigation. The only real purpose this scene had was to demonize the nuns. They could just as easily told the truth, whatever it is. This is somehow ‘poetic license’ when you push an anti-Catholic agenda.

I don’t know if the producers of this film received government grants to propagandize the film, if they were ‘nudged’ by someone, or if they simply wanted to do it themselves, but Hollywood is known to propagandize. They put Nazi propaganda in their films in the 1930’s for a price.

The NY Times posted an article in September 2012 about Hollywood’s plans to plug Obamacare in TV shows and telenovelas. This week, there are reports that Hollywood stars are going to sell Obamacare to us. They obviously think we are so stupid that a Hollywood star can talk us into liking something that is decidedly worse than what we had before.

Hollywood must have heard about the Obamacare disaster that is now befalling the American people and the medical establishment but that is irrelevant to them.

Obamacare is destroying the finest healthcare system in the world and their apparent lack of concern for anyone but Barack Obama is noted. David Horowitz calls them the affective leftists. They run on emotion. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to have any feelings for the common man who doesn’t get to live in a Beverly Hills mansion and pontificate about what the rest of us should do and how we should live.