“Phony” IRS Scandal Will Not Be Investigated by the White House


Jack Lew Obama Photo of Barack Obama and Jack Lew with Lew’s signature on a wall in the background

Jack Lew appeared on Fox New Sunday yesterday. It was clear from his statements that the Obama administration is not going to appoint anyone to head up an investigation of the IRS scandal.

When FBI Director Robert Mueller appeared before Congress recently and was asked about an investigation of the IRS scandal, he couldn’t name the person who was investigating the “phony” IRS scandal. The reason he couldn’t come up with a name was because there was no one assigned to head up the investigation.

There were never any plans to initiate an investigation.

The victims haven’t been interviewed by anyone connected to the White House. The White House is going with the lie that this and other scandals to hit the administration are “phony.”

During the interview, Lew lied and said the targeting was of both Progressive and Conservative groups. In fact, only six Progressive groups were looked at and they were not subject to scrutiny. Over 300 Conservative groups were subjected to invasive, unconstitutional investigation and the list is growing.

Jack Lew plans to deal with questions as they come up but claims there is no scandal. The White House will pretend there is no there there.

Why not deny, deflect, and deceive? It has worked very well so far. The administration can do anything and the media will protect them.

Go to 3:32 for the information about the non-investigation:


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