Kasich Plans an Anti-Trump Campaign, Not an Anti-Hillary Campaign



John Kasich, the adult, has no path to the presidency but going forward he will make sure he demonizes Donald Trump, not Hillary, Trump. He’s been such an “adult” until now but as he goes forward he’s going to rip into Trump and will especially spread the phony anti-woman-Trump mantra of the left.

Trump hates women so much that he has a beautiful wife, lovely daughter and daughters-in-law who adore him. That’s why he hires so many of them for high-level positions.

Kasich’s excuse for getting nasty is that he allegedly never heard the quotes before as if that is believable.

He would rather see Hillary – a socialist – win then allow Trump to win. Why isn’t he planning to go after Hillary or Bernie???

Kasich is a center-left, establishment, back-slapping phony politician.

He’s also pretty nasty when interrupted and snaps at anyone who dares to do it. However, he pandered to the media at the end of this next clip and told the media to let him know if he ever gets out of control. God, he’s such a phony.


Check this out. He’s just playing the role of spoiler.

And this:

And this:



  1. You have no idea how true your comments are….Here’s another video for you: use your search engine and google two words, ” Kasich Parkinson’s”
    ( without the quotation marks). Although in the clip, Kasich was talking about a medical procedure, everyone agrees that his mimicking was totally inappropriate and truly distasteful. You can also watch the old pompous Kasich ( before he converted to nice-ism) in another video at a Romney rally, where he says “the wives are at home, you know, doing the laundry, or whatever they do…”

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