Phony photo-op ALERT! Kamala Harris cooking in a new apron & pearls!


Democrats never learn and keep pushing the phony “I’m one of you” photo-ops. They want everyone to think they are of and for the people. Kamala Harris is following in the footsteps of other phonies just like her.

Elizabeth Warren, the millionaire, appeared live on Instagram drinking beer at 7 p.m. New Year’s Eve to appear young and cool. Before her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was cooking and talking nonsense on Instagram live. Then Beto made an igloo on video and appeared in a video having his teeth cleaned while he talked illegal immigration nonsense. Beto also skateboarded for the college kids, trying to hide the fact that he’s a middle-aged man.

Kirsten Gillibrand made a cobbler of some kind and claimed she was running as a mom.

They’ve been trying to humanize Kamala because she often comes off as a nasty b*tch.

So, here she is, preparing for her own Mother’s Day feast in a pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings, just like the rest of us peons do. And she is in a brand new apron for the photo-op with a spot on her sleeve and very lightly mussed hair for effect. Her makeup is perfect!

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