Pierce Morgan Wants You In Jail for Using This Word


Any white person who uses the “n” word should go to jail according to the statist, gun grabbing loon from the UK, Pierce Morgan.

Not very many white people use the word. He really needs to go after blacks and our president.

The entire concept presents with a dilemma. What about people who feel black like Rachel Dolezal? Can she use it or does she go to jail too? What about the word niggardly, can we use that? What if someone says something that rhymes with it?

Maybe we should ban all words that make people angry. Where do we stop?

I’m sure we could trust the Supreme Court to rule wisely on that since they are the only ones in the world who know that states means any government.

Pierce wants us to be like South Africa where the “K” word was banned and people were imprisoned for using it.

What would we call this law? The “N” law?

The words baboon and cockroaches have also been criminalized in South Africa. Both terms fit Pierce nicely.

Morgan not only has little respect for the First Amendment, he hates the Second.

He retweeted this.

And tweeted this.



  1. Pierce Morgan if You don’t like the Laws in Our Great Country no one is keeping You here. May South Africa would be a better place for You to live. Anywhere else is better than here since We don’t need You trying to tell Us how We should live here. You would of think You learned Your lesson after You was fired from CNN but I guess not. So what will it take for You to understand We don’t need Your suggestions.

  2. I guess Obama would be in jail, he recently used the word himself. And a heck of a lot of rappers would be his cell mates.

  3. Please stop making movies and GO home! A word is a word only NAZIs try to throw you into jail for saying something they don’t like. There is a reason we don’t have other country’s make our laws. My family did fight for the south, and I have never been proud of it till now. If you( Pierce Morgan) care so much Please come to my house and try to take my flag and guns, I’ll meet you at the door with both!

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