Pilot of the Missing Flight Was a Follower of a Jew-Hater, Israel Tightens Security



Captain Shah and his friend. He is wearing a Democracy is Dead T-shirt.

The last words spoken from the cockpit of MH370 are believed to have come from co-pilot Fariq Hamid, according to Fox News. This lends credence to the idea that the pilots were somehow involved.

Malaysian Air Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah or the co-pilot is suspected of having switched off the Boeing 777′s signaling system before the plane’s last communication with air controllers. In one report, investigators said trackers aboard the plane, which transmit its location to air traffic controllers, were disabled moments after take-off last Friday, according to the UK Daily Mirror.

Whoever hijacked the plane had a sophisticated knowledge of aircraft systems. They disabled the radar and communications, and switched off its transponder, which signals its position to satellites. And in all probability no one on board had as much expertise as the pilot, Captain Zaharie Shah.

According to some reports, the co-pilot’s voice was the last one heard by the ground crew. Hamid is described as a good “Muslim” boy by family and friends.

Shah moved his wife and three children out of his home the day before his flight disappeared.

His best friend pictured above, Stephen Chong, said Shah would be the last person to hijack a plane. He’s not capable of it.

On Twitter and YouTube Shah has backed human rights groups and campaigners for internet freedom in Malaysia, which has strict Government controls.

He had a flight simulator at home because he was passionate about flying.

He was a follower and relative of a Jew-hater and an opposition leader to the current Malysian PM, Anwar Ibrahim. Shah attended Ibrahim’s sentencing for sodomy hours before he boarded flight MH370. It is not known for certain how obsessed Shah was with Anwar and his cause.

Anwar has made numerous remarks about an alleged conspiracy between the Malaysian government, a PR firm called APCO (hired by the Malaysian government), Israel and the United States. Anwar claimed the firm is linked to the “murder of Muslims in Palestine.” He said APCO is a front for the Israeli government. He also said at another time that APCO is controlled by Jews working with the US to control Malaysia’s foreign policy.

This would explain Malaysia’s secretiveness and refusal to allow the US any real part in the investigation.

Anwar was censured in 2010 by Malaysia’s parliament for making these claims but allegedly presented proof.

In a press conference at the London School of Economics, Anwar made comments about Zionists and “nasty Jews”.  In the press conference he also stated that, “There are good Jews, there are bad Jews, there are good Muslims and bad Muslims.”

In May 2010, B’nai B’rith International, a prominent Jewish human rights organization condemned Anwar in a letter to the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, claiming that Anwar was a “purveyor of anti-Jewish hatred” and asked the American government to suspend all contact with Anwar.

According to The Times of Israel, Israel security has been tightened around airports in the wake of the disappearance of flight MH370. pilots will have to identify themselves much earlier when entering Israeli airspace among other measures which have not been revealed.


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