Plan to Close Down Sellers of So-Called Assault Rifles


In a variation of Eric Holder’s Operation Chokepoint, a New York Times columnist has come up with a plan to have banks and credit card stop doing business with gun companies that sell assault rifles and accessories. Accessories!

This hackneyed idea comes out of the left-wing Business Insider’s Better Capitalism. Some finance industry experts are on board.

Credit card companies have enacted similar measures in the past, barring Bitcoin purchases, cutting ties with, and suspending payments to WikiLeaks.

New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote Monday that he’d spent several days speaking with “a handful of chief executives” to discuss how banks and credit-card companies could intervene in gun sales. Sorkin said he was met with great enthusiasm, though none of the executives would speak on the record.

As an aside, Better Capitalism is looking towards more economic equality.

The left thinks it’s a creative idea, but it isn’t, Holder thought of it first.


Holder came up with Operation Choke Point while he was the attorney general. It was used to inappropriately target business models not supported by the administration, including gun businesses. This is the politicization of the payment system and access to credit markets.

It caused banks and payment processors to deny or terminate loans and restrict access to payment systems for law-abiding and legitimate businesses to avoid unwarranted investigations and legal actions by the Department of Justice … and federal financial regulators.

This is a similar idea. At least the government isn’t doing it.

The left – the Democrats – have politicized everything. If they do take over, it will be a very unpleasant world.

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