Planes Were in the Air When the President Put Iran Mission on Hold


The President planned a strike on Iran early this morning. The planes were in the air and ships were in position. He pulled back. Allegedly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo an NSA John Bolton called for the strike. The Pentagon does not have a full-time chief and were opposed. The President pulled back when Oman sent a message to him that Iran wanted to talk. He said, “Iran made a very big mistake.”

The strike was planned for early this morning against radar installations and missile batteries. Those were the same batteries that shot down our one hundred million dollar drone. The early hour was to avoid hitting civilians.

The President gave Iran a short time in which to respond after he pulled back, saying Iran might have made a mistake in hitting our drone.

Americans likely don’t want a war and the President does not want a war. His enemies, the enemies within — the media and Democrats — have blasted the President for wanting to respond at all.

This is very helpful to Iran.

The drone was 12 miles off the Iranian coast according to U.S. authorities, but the Iranians say it was 8 miles, putting it in their air space. The U.S. media and Democrats are on Iran’s side. We say that because they were a lot more offended at any response by the U.S. than they were at the attack on the tankers or our drone. If they worked with the President, it would be better for the country, but they prefer hate and ‘resistance.’

Iran is angry that the sanctions are working and they can’t fund terrorists. The European ‘allies’ are dependent on Iran for fuel and are trying to save the nuke deal.

No matter what the President decides, the media and the Democrats will oppose him. However, war is a bad idea and this could start one. Iran knows that and will continue to act badly. Perhaps it would be better if he tightened the sanctions on the terror nation.

The White House confirmed the planned attack and he put Iran on notice. He received a message from Iranian officials through Oman that they don’t want a war. The problem is Iran can NOT get nukes.

Hannity said President Trump would not support a prolonged war.

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