Planned Parenthood Colluded with CA Politicians to Prosecute Investigator Who Exposed Their Practices


David Daleiden of The Center for Medical Progress is the pro-life investigative reporter who exposed the baby parts dealerships that Planned Parenthood (PP) works closely with to sell baby body parts. Also exposed were the unethical, perhaps criminal, practices of PP itself.

PP is a money launderer for the Democrat Party — both would support abortion to the moment of birth.

Daleiden is the one the left has prosecuted, not the actual doers of the deeds. He has been acquitted of all charges in a Texas prosecution, but now faces charges in California for taping the corrupt employees.

If nothing else, the prosecution is a way to teach the right-wing to never investigate because the price will be too high.

California is now after Daleiden and another colleague who worked with him — both have had numerous felony charges slapped on them. The charges were contrived from the start but we also find out now that Planned Parenthood colluded with Democrat politicians to pass laws to enable them to prosecute Daleiden to the extreme.

There are emails proving it.

The Washington Times reported that Ronald D. Rotunda, a professor of jurisprudence at Chapman University, said the emails exposing this prove Kamala Harris is a “tool of Planned Parenthood”. She is working to keep Planned Parenthood from being prosecuted. Harris has been called the next Barack Obama by Democrat politicians and the media.

“The state attorney general is supposed to represent the people of California, not a particular industry in California,” Mr. Rotunda said. “What would people say if the attorney general would be working with the local slaughterhouses to help them cover up instances of cruelty to animals?”

Instead of referring to them as investigators, the LA Times is calling Daleiden and his colleague Sandra Merritt, conspirators.

State Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra’s office alleges that David Daleiden and his co-conspirator, Sandra Merritt, filmed 14 people without their consent at meetings with women’s healthcare providers in Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Francisco and El Dorado – all public places where there is no expectation of privacy.

Suddenly, the investigators are criminals, and the baby chop shop proprietors are not. Daleiden and Merritt had 15 felony charges leveled against them. Meanwhile CA protects their illegal alien criminals and works to convict the innocent.

These people are morally sick.

The defiant Daleiden released a new video of a PP provider saying what they do with the born-alive babies depends on who is in the room.

There is some really good news out today, however.  The Senate advanced a vote to overturn the Obama rule forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood.

Whatever people think of abortion, we all shouldn’t have to pay these people to do it. It’s a private organization. Let George Soros pay for it.

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