Player Yells “F*** Trump”, Crowd Has Their Own Response


Prior to the game Monday night, Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough yelled “F*** Trump!” before the College Football Playoff National Championships Monday night. The President stayed for half the game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta.

The crowd received him very differently, but only Fox News covered that.

Scarbrough later denied it. He’s not only incredibly disrespectful, he’s a liar. This vile treatment of our nation’s symbol is getting very tiresome.

Perhaps you will hear something different from No. 9. We heard “F*** Trump:

There was a lot of backlash and that led Bo Scarborough to take to Twitter to deny he was yelling at Trump.

The 22-year-old college football star, still displaying his lack of professionalism and sportsmanship, claimed he yelled “F— Georgia!” and not “F— Trump!” Not that that’s acceptable either.

“If y’all listen I said Georgia smh about ‘all people in this world.” Scarbrough tweeted.

Sportsmanship is gone in football and we can thank Roger Goodell to some degree. He encouraged and, at times, seemed to promote it with his support for the disrespect of our flag, our anthem, and our nation for the players’ pseudo-cause. It is obvious Colin Kaepernick and those who followed are supporting the hard-left agenda.

Goodell doesn’t worry about ratings either because they are still better than most.

“We always want ratings to go up, but we’re 37 of the top 50 shows, which is higher than ever,” Goodell told a small group of reporters shortly before the Jacksonville Jaguars’ playoff game versus the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, according to ESPN Opens a New Window. . “We’re likely to be the No. 1 show on Fox—excuse me on all of television, the Fox Sunday afternoon game. Sunday night, prime time is for the seventh year in a row the No. 1 show. Thursday night football is No. 2.”


The President was received with a roar of extended cheers and applause with few, barely audible, boos mixed in. The media, except for Fox, didn’t cover the reception. Social media haters tried to say he was booed – just booed – and didn’t know the words to the anthem. Others said he wanted the game to be about him but those were likely the same people who said nothing when Obama attended public events.

It’s an honor to have the President attend your game fools.

President Trump stood hand on heart for the National Anthem. He has made an enormous sacrifice to save this country from socialism.

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