Please, Make It Stop: Michelle Obama Plays the Class Warfare Card


Michelle Obama played the class warfare card at a college opportunity summit Thursday. She tried to make the case that a small number of kids are getting all the advantages. Could she mean white kids are privileged?

“The fact is that right now, a small number of students are getting every advantage in the college admissions race, while millions of other students who are just as talented can’t even begin to compete.”

She wants more college counseling to help students get into college and find out how to pay for it. She couldn’t just say that? She had to go into the class warfare blather again?

The counselors will no doubt be at the expense of taxpayers because we are too rich. It won’t be a worthwhile expenditure.

The elite get “shepherded” but millions don’t according to Michelle.

“Now, that’s one world,” she said. “The other world is much smaller. It’s a world of schools where the question isn’t whether they’re going to college, but where. Kids in this world start preparing for college long before they even start high school. And from the first day of freshman year, they’ve been shepherded through every step of the process.”

“They’ve got SAT and ACT prep courses, they take those tests again and again to improve their scores. Counselors have much smaller caseloads, and they walk kids through every deadline, they edit every draft of their essays.”

She said “we are leaving behind so many bright, hungry, promise-filled kids.”

I know so many low-income students who went on to college. Her argument is BS.

Is she talking about herself, her husband and her own children? They both went to Ivy League schools, their girls go to an elite private school and will undoubtedly go to Ivy League schools. The Obamas are the 1%.

She told the audience of college presidents and school counselors that higher education is no longer just for students in the top quarter or the top half of the class. “It has to be for everyone. So we are going to need a college-counseling system that reflects this new reality.”

College has to be for everyone???

Are we going to take every student into college even if they don’t belong in college? Whatever happened to vocational school?

In order to make this video instructional, it has been modified. Michelle Obama doesn’t know how she and Barack ever managed to get into college. Right, sure, that’s believable.



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