Please Sign Glenn Beck’s Petition Against the Takeover of the Internet


The columbus dispatch

“You want a Department of the Internet like we have a Department of the Interior and we have a Department of Internal Revenue Service?” Glenn Beck asked. “This is it. You like your health care? You couldn’t keep your health care. You like your Internet?”

“Do you think Glenn Beck could have gotten a license to start a news channel or a news site?” Beck added. “Do you think Matt Drudge could have? Do you think Andrew Breitbart could have? … You’ve heard these discussions many times before from people like Hillary Clinton. Who are the ‘real’ journalists? These citizens reporters, these bloggers, [will be] a thing of the past because you’re not a ‘real’ journalist.”

“The only media they’re not in control of is the Internet. Please let your voice be heard,” Beck concluded. “Please sign the petition at the FCC and say no to net neutrality. Find out all the information at”

via the blaze

Go Here To Sign The Petition if the link doesn’t work.

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