PM Who Told French to Get Used to Terror Attacks Gets a Surprise Greeting


PM Valls
PM Valls

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed in Nice, France on Sunday at a memorial to honor the 84 people who were killed by a terrorist in Nice.

Some called Valls a “murderer” and others told him to “resign”, the BBC reported.

Residents says there weren’t enough police during the attack. One woman said, “It’s terrible to say but we need a stronger prime minister with laws against radicalism.”

It’s not terrible to say!

The Socialist Party government is similar to ours here in the US – they’re not good at national security.

This is the third horrific attack in France and they’ve done little to change their approach.

In a somewhat shocking statement, Valls said on Friday that it’s time for the country to “live with terrorism,” suggesting residents learn to integrate defensive maneuvers into daily life, the New York Times reported.

“We will not give in to the terrorist threat,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Friday morning after a cabinet meeting led by President François Hollande. But Mr. Valls also offered a grim observation for his countrymen: “The times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism.”

That did not go over well.

In Calais, the Calais Jungle specifically, the officials are tearing down encampments of illegals from Ethiopia who have turned a once-scenic tourist spot into a third world hellhole.

Maybe the French have had enough.


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6 years ago

The French government is foolish enough to have done what the British government has done…it has made the terrible error of leaving the real (rather than imitation) people with nothing left to lose in dealing with these invaders, themselves. I wish them every support in how they choose to move on the enemy, next! It’s time to sack the government and the police, and to send in the public!