Podesta Files #11: Soros, Podesta Plans the Takeover of All US Government Entities with the Help of Immigrants



George Soros and John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chair are tight. Soros invited Podesta to vacation with him in luxury. If Hillary wins, these two are part of the package.

In the attachments accompanying email 15455, we have George Soros and his son Jonathan, Peter and Jonathan Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, Steve Bing, John Sperling, Michael Vachon sharing the strategic outlook for the 2008 elections with Andy Stern, Anna Burger, and John Podesta.

These are some bad characters unless you love statism. The meeting that took place in New York City ended with dinner at the home of George Soros. It is an agenda and a comprehensive plan to create a ‘New America’, as mentioned in the first email.


Demographic shifts with massive illegal immigration and an influx of refugees will help give them the permanent majority and it’s part of the plan which is why they love illegal immigration. They want this permanent majority in every state, every area of government and, of course, the presidency.

They also talk about going after the less religious people because that is their constituency. In light of the emails in which they plot to destroy the Catholic Church from within, this takes on special meaning. Just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro they see religion as their enemy which must be corrupted and controlled.

The attendees are not progressive in the definition of the word. They are hard-left characters seeking to take over every area of government at every level.

We have the agenda uploaded here.

Proposed Agenda for NYC Meeting by Maura McCormack on Scribd

The minutes for the meeting are here.

The Vast Progressive Conspiracy by Maura McCormack on Scribd

In prior emails from the Podesta files, we learned that the Progressives want a complete and permanent takeover of government.


We also learned that they have control of the media and want it to be an echo chamber of Progressive ideas. Joe Stalin would be proud.




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