Podesta Returns to Push Through Obama’s Leftist Agenda


John Podesta, co-founder of The Center for American Progress, will join the White House team as a counselor to the president. Podesta was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff.  He is being innocuously presented as an ex-Clinton aide, but he is back in the White House for one reason, to get as much of the Obama agenda through in the next three years as possible, without going through Congress.

The New York Times reported that John Podesta would help White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on matters related to the health care law, as well as administration organization, executive actions, and issues related to climate change.

Podesta will help push through the leftist agenda through the use of agency fiats, rule making, regulations, executive actions, and any other strategies he can devise.


John Podesta

The Center for American Progress is a think tank that was originally funded in part by George Soros, a socialist extremist who was a co-founder along with Morton H. Halperin. It now has a long list of corporate donors that can be seen on this link. The Center promotes questionable relationships between the White House and large corporations.

The organization, which spreads extreme leftist propaganda online, is closely tied to the Obama Administration.

They laid out the blueprint for the use of executive orders, rule making, agencies et al, to circumvent Congress in the organization’s definitive report, The Power of the President, Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change.

To quote Mr. Podesta, ‘The ability of President Obama to accomplish important change through these powers should not be underestimated.’

One of the biggest agenda items on their list is climate change. We can expect our prices for energy to ‘necessarily skyrocket’ by the time they are done. Their Climate Action Plan looks remarkably similar to Agenda 21.

Podesta is opposed to Keystone. He wants to cut HFC emissions eight times that of the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol, according to Politico.

This is from Discover the Networks:

Podesta served on the staff of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont and a self-described socialist) from 1981 to 1988. Leahy was an early advocate of circumventing the U.S. Constitution by gaining control over federal courts. Podesta assisted Leahy in pioneering the indiscriminate smearing and filibustering of any and all Republican judicial nominees — a practice previously unknown in Washington.

Does the part about swinging the courts sound recently familiar?

While Podesta worked for the Clintons he was known for his ability to push through unpopular policies while circumventing Congress. It was known as Project Podesta. He secured unprecedented power for the Executive Branch.

Podesta Group is his lobbying group which recently secured a contract to represent the government of Iraq which has extremely close ties to the government of Iran.

Rep. Trey Gowdy has said that President Obama’s flouting of laws has ‘reached an unprecedented level.’

It is about to get worse.