Podesta Supports Voter Fraud In This Email


In email 17088, John Podesta supports breaking the law and allowing people to vote with a picture ID if they say they are citizens. He says it’s okay to put everyone, including illegals on the honor system basically.

Nearly half of California driver’s licenses went to illegal aliens last year.

He knows better and is a criminal himself. He doesn’t follow the law.


Here is the full exchange and yes, this is how Hillary will steal the election.


In the Project Veritas tapes, Bob Creamer, who has visited the White House 342 times and met with Barack Obama 40 times, and Michelle Obama 25 times, makes it obvious he and has and will continue to corrupt the vote. When is he going to be arrested?

Never of course. In one of the emails, we find that Creamer is coordinating with the White House and the DNC.


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Puma By Design
6 years ago

These people are EVERYTHING that is wrong with this country.