#PodestaEmails8: Progressives are “poised to take over every level of government”


Euphemistically called Progressives, the entire movement is what it was in the early 1900s and if you are wondering why our media is outwardly biased, it is because it has been taken over by Progressives as you will see in the following emails we’ve picked out of many saying the same thing. They admit in the emails that they are poised for a “permanent Progressive majority.”

They are the smoking guns. Stalin would be proud.

Progressives are “poised to take over every level of government” and if their candidate is elected, the United States will be unrecognizable at the end of four years. The Obama legacy which Hillary will continue will turn us into a statist nation without a Bill of Rights. The delete keys have been pressed on the First and Second Amendments for the last decade and the statists have been out in the open about it.

In Email 10547 the Progressives will create a robust media echo chamber.  They “seek a permanent Progressive infrastructure” that will break “through the clutter of the modern media environment with a Progressive message which requires repetition of common themes from different sources organized by a central apparatus–that is the organizing task of Progressive Media.”

The Progressives will become the core requiring all others to repeat their message over and over.

There will be no other message from any media. We can see it has happened already.


letter from Erica Payne of the Tesscrat Group invites John Podesta to an important strategic retreat and the purpose should terrify you.

“…As you know,” the letter reads, “we are poised to advance a progressive agenda at every level of government.”

The meeting which was hosted by George Soros-Tom Steyer’s Democracy Alliance states that they will focus on “how these strategic capacities will lay the groundwork for a permanent progressive majority for year’s to come..”  [The use of red to highlight is mine]


There are many other emails like this which back these up.

The Progressives are the people on the college campuses who are shutting down free speech, creating havoc, demanding safe spaces and talking of microaggressions. The Progressives are the members of our own Politburo who are filling up our country with foreigners through illegal immigration and refugees resettlement to move their permanent majority forward swiftly before the foreigners can assimilate.

The Democrat platform is the Progressive agenda. It includes a call for the prosecution of climate deniers. The Democrats unanimously adopted a provision demanding the DoJ, which doesn’t need much nudging, to investigate and prosecute global warming deniers.

The platform is being called the “Progressive Democratic Values” and is aimed at seeking out those who disagree with their global warming views so the thought police can silence, fine and imprison them.

They have turned ordinary opposition and debate into hate speech and they will limit it.

“While freedom of expression is a fundamental constitutional principle, we must condemn hate speech that creates a fertile climate for violence,” the Democrat Platform reads.

Hillary has said we must change our religious convictions and cultural codes so she and her fellows can pass laws. Convictions and belief systems of citizens should not stand in her way. Cultural codes and religious beliefs have to change, Hillary said. She said the same thing in April of last year at the the sixth annual Women in the World Summit.

Their platform also includes this phrase:

“We support a progressive vision of religious freedom that respects pluralism and rejects the misuse of religion to discriminate.”

Think of the Soros-Podesta Marxist infiltration of the Catholic Church when you read those lines. LGBTs are merely a vessel for statism.

They will viciously attack fossil fuel companies as well and have begun with their attack on Exxon Mobil.

The Democrat Platform says guns are a public health threat.

Under the heading, “Ensure the Health and Safety of All Americans,” the following sentence appears: “There is insufficient research on effective gun prevention policies, which is why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] must have the resources it needs to study gun violence as a public health issue.” This attempt to pitch gun control as a public health crisis is not new, of course. Two years ago, the Democrats introduced a bill that would have provided the CDC with $10 million a year to study gun crime from the public health perspective. And, in June of this year, the American Medical Association declared that gun violence is a public health crisis.

Hillary mentions “automatic” guns which are already illegal.

If you haven’t read the Democrat Platform, please do. It sounds like something the UN wrote for us or that we might see in Cuba or Venezuela. Click on the link: Democratic Party, “The 2016 Democratic Party Platform,”

We do not have another opportunity to take our country back and we have an imperfect vessel in Donald Trump but he is a Capitalist and he is all we have.

The Soros-financed Fund for America’s (precursor to Correct the Record) plan for a 1-party state involves mass immigration.

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Podesta invites campaign reporters to his house for dinner.


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