Polar Bears Are Doing Well, Freedom Not So Much


polar bears are fine

Photo of a polar bear in the Tropics wondering what the problem is

The government listed the polar bear as endangered! One problem with that is polar bears are not endangered. Another problem is that radical environmentalists will exploit the polar bear to further their environmental lunacy at great expense to the American public.

US Fish & Wildlife has come up with a Special Rule ‘establishing how activities that may harm the threatened polar bear will be managed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)’.

It will be the EPA for polar bears. The rule will be used to go after and limit or eliminate offshore oil and gas exploration. Their methods will be ‘stringent.’

We will live for animals thanks to a ‘phony’ polar bear catastrophe.

US Fish & Wildlife is famous for raiding guitar factories at gunpoint without cause (Gibson Guitars).

The radicals wanted the thriving polar bear declared ‘threatened’ so they could pass freedom-robbing regulations. American industries and hundreds of thousands of jobs are at stake if global warming restrictions are placed on the ‘automobile industry, agriculture, homebuilding, and…energy development.

Polar bears really are fine. I know what you’ve heard. Fuggetaboutit. They are really fine.

Our own government says that their populations are at the highest levels in recorded history. The most credible government projection estimates that over the next 40-50 years, polar bears will be double their population in 1950.

The Inuit have long observed that tales of their demise were greatly exaggerated. The population of polar bears in the Arctic expanses of Northern Quebec climbed from 800 in the 1980’s to 2,100 today.

The US Fish & Wildlife went with the ‘endangered’ designation despite the fact that the evidence, which is difficult to gather given the nature of the polar bear’s nomadic lifestyle, points to a different conclusion. Six Arctic regions have insufficient data, six have stable counts, three had reduced numbers, and two had increased numbers.

At least one study showed that the 22% decline in the polar bear population in Nunavut Canada was due to poor counting. Polar bear data has long relied on questionable counting methods.

The problem is in the minds of people who don’t want to believe the facts and the people who don’t care about facts but want to limit our freedoms because it fits in with their ideology.

Radical, litigious groups are ready to exploit the polar bear if government goes unchallenged.

The Pacific Legal Foundation, a property rights and environmental balance organization, is challenging the government on their listing of the polar bear as endangered. They hope to take the case to the Supreme Court of the United States.

About twenty years ago, on Long Island, we had a group called ELF burning down developers’ homes. They managed to not kill anyone – just by chance. Some were arrested and the group was broken up. The radicals didn’t disappear however, they joined environmental groups like Sierra Club and are now pushing the country into absurd regulation territory as part of their environmental justice movement.

Wake up America!

I love polar bears too but they’re fine. They really are. At a time when we should be drilling to get off foreign oil, we are doing the opposite.