Pole Dancing for Jobs in New York City Parks




Would you strip to your underwear, engage in sex tricks or pole dance for a full-time job? Administrators in New York City’s Randalls Island park are hoping so.

Clandestine parties were held in the “boom-boom” room of the Randalls Island park with as many as ten men in attendance according to one worker. Seasonal workers who pole danced were rewarded with extra hours or full-time work.

At times, the women were paid. Women were paid $25 for a kiss and $50 for other things. [NY Daily News]

There were suggestive texts and calls also but I will spare you that.

Deputy Chief of Operations James Cafaro, 53, and Parks supervisor Angelo Figueroa, 49, were transferred last week out of the Randalls Island facility where the strip parties allegedly occurred.

No one has been fired yet.

Two women have filed sexual harassment complaints.

Read at CBS local

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