Police Being Investigated for Turning Criminal Illegal Alien Over to ICE


criminal illegal

After the murder of Kate Steinle by a criminal illegal immigrant in the Sanctuary City of San Francisco, the authorities in San Fran have strengthened their Sanctuary City laws and the rights of illegal aliens, including criminal illegal aliens.

San Francisco police officers handcuffed a car-theft victim, ran his name for warrants and then released him into the waiting arms of federal immigration agents, in violation of the illegal Sanctuary City laws.

Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, 31, spent two months in jail.

ICE officials said Friday that Pedor Figueroa-Zarceno is one of the “at-large foreign nationals who meet the agency’s enforcement priorities, including convicted criminals and other individuals who pose a potential threat to public safety.”

Police Chief Greg Suhr said he shouldn’t have been put in custody.

“It is the policy of the San Francisco Police Department to foster trust and cooperation with all people of the city and to encourage them to communicate with SFPD officers without fear of inquiry regarding their immigration status,” Andraychak said. “We are aware of concerns this incident has raised with some members of our community.”

They are now investigating the POLICE and are considering disciplining them for turning this wanted criminal illegal over to ICE. He was convicted of drunk driving and the left wants drunk drivers to remain in the US. He is also listed as a convict and it is not known if has committed other crimes.

The police cooperated with ICE over a man ordered for deportation and they are in trouble.

Pedro is being described as a loving father of an 8-year old. With those guidelines, we could probably release everyone from the penitentiary.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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