All the Latest Police Body Cam Footage of Vegas Shooting


The body cam footage released by police in the Vegas shooting consists of eight clips strung together from two officers. Sgt. Joshua Bitsko and David Newton can be seen racing to Mandalay Bay in their squad cars in one film. In the background, police radio traffic describes the mass shooting scene as it grows worse.

In another clip, they cover their ears and take cover in a stairwell.

“Breach, breach, breach,” one officer says. Then, the loud explosion of Stephen Paddock’s suite door can be heard.

The court has ordered the release. The next batch will be in two weeks. There will be numerous videos released over the next several months.

Police have stalled on releasing the films but the footage doesn’t appear to change any of the facts thus far.

There are no timestamps on the films.


In this clip, you can hear a loud bang.