Police Boycott Dunkin Donuts That Doesn’t Serve Cops and Then Lies About it


“I don’t serve cops”, the  Dunkin’ Donuts [Bedford Stuyvesant] worker told police officers.

The New York Post broke the story on Thursday.

The Post reported that two plainclothes detectives from 73rd Precinct’s detective squad were wearing suits with badges and pistols on their belts when they entered the Dunkin Donuts at 1993 Atlantic Ave at around noon.

When the officer approached the counter, the clerk looked past them and waited on the man behind them. The man let the clerk know the cops were first.

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t serve cops,” the clerk replied.

The mayor and the police union have decried the incident, with the union blaming the anti-cop fervor stoked by communist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The manager denied the incident

“These two men in shirts and ties — who I later found out were police — must have never come to this Dunkin’ Donuts before, because instead of waiting in the line where you order, they waited at the counter where you pick up your order.”

“You can see on the security tape: they stand here for five minutes, while other customers were being served. One customer even ordered ice cream, and they must’ve not like that because they left the store,” he added.

He wouldn’t show anyone this alleged tape.

Corporate was obnoxious

Corporate issued a statement saying the store’s layout was to blame.

Why not just call the police officers liars then? The spokesperson Michelle King said the store franchisee would apologize for “any negative experience he may have had in his store.”

Until that happens, police are boycotting the store.

Allegedly an apology has finally been issued but police are still avoiding the store and won’t give people directions on how to get there.

Let’s hear this so-called apology after they called the cops liars.

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