Police Chief Resigns from Fascist School of Horrors, Evergreen College


Police Chief Stacy Brown has resigned after less than a year on the job at Evergreen State College. She accepted a position as a police officer in another town. The News Tribune reported that she was subjected to vicious personal attacks.

The fascists running the school attacked her from the beginning of her short tenure at Evergreen. At her swearing in, large groups of protesters showed up. Thurston County Chief Deputy Dave Pearsall told Washington state lawmakers what he witnessed:

“Probably 20 or 30 students … decided that they were gonna get up in front and take over the entire event with noisemakers and drums and horns and a PA. And they actually went and took one of the microphones out of, I believe it was the vice president’s hand, just jerked it out of her hand.

They were cursing, saying all kinds of things. It just went on and on. It was complete chaos. It got to the point where, after about 15 minutes … President [George] Bridges decided that the ceremony wasn’t going to happen.

I personally watched some of these students go up to Chief Brown, right up to her face, and call her all kinds of names, cursing at her. As well as, she had her young children with her, who were fearful of what’s going on.

We all cleared the area and let the students basically take over and have whatever they wanted. So the students pretty much ran the show.”

The protesters yelled “f*** the police!” and “death to pigs!” at the ceremony as well, according to the school paper, the Cooper Point Journal.

Two students who pushed the Vice President were disciplined but no one else was. It must be noted that this is a state school funded with taxpayer dollars, with students receiving federal loans.

Brown had been a student at the school and said nothing like that ever happened at the school. It was always peaceful with nothing more than heated discussions ever took place.

Brown was one of those targeted during a recent anti-white protest at the school. Flyers were distributed in Red Square featuring a cartoon of Brown dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

The “protesters”, in addition to hating whites, hate police officers which put her at an immediate disadvantage.

The president allows the violence and assaults

The students act like complete idiots and they are fascists. In all likelihood, these pseudo-intellectual fools don’t belong in college. In this next clip, you will see them demand no homework and the President kowtowing. There is something wrong with him. He’s worse than they are.


During the anti-white protest, the police were ordered to stand down as they threatened and intimidated staff.

The President said he was grateful for these dopey kids who were screaming “Black Power” and cursing in his face. His address began,  “I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns,” The Washington Times reported.

“Let me reiterate my gratitude for the passion and courage you have shown me and others,” Mr. Bridges said in his remarks, as reported by student newspaper The Cooper Point Journal. “I want every one of you to feel safe on this campus and be able to learn in a supportive environment free from discrimination or intimidation.”

This is what went on while Bridges was scraping and bowing:

Professor under assault

Another employee who was targeted, professor Bret Weinstein, who is still employed at the college, recently filed a $3.85 million tort claim with the college, stating that college administrators “perpetuated a racially hostile and retaliatory work environment.” A tort claim is a prerequisite for filing a lawsuit against a state agency, the Olympian reported.

In a statement provided to The Olympian Wednesday, Bernie Sanders-supporting Weinstein described Brown as a “model police chief.”

“We could not have asked for better,” he wrote. “She was unfailingly professional, despite being hounded by protesters who clearly wished to lure Evergreen police into public confrontation.

“The baiting and stigmatizing of Brown began at her swearing in, and continued throughout her tenure as chief,” he continued. “The fact that the college administration encouraged the frequently illegal actions of the protestors, and tied the hands of the police, made Brown’s job all but impossible.”

If something isn’t done, like firing the President and kicking the violent, disruptive kids off campus, a degree from Evergreen will be merely a piece of paper that people will keep hidden. Perhaps it’s too late.

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