Police Say Nikolas Cruz Was NOT TIED to White Nationalist Group


The Daily Beast reported Thursday that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a very leftist watchdog group, had reason to believe Florida killer Nikolas Cruz was tied to a White Nationalist group and had received paramilitary training with them.

The ADL is said to have received the information from the mostly hoax website 4-Chan. They were then in communication with publicity hound Jordan Jereb, leader of ROF, Republic of Florida. He said Cruz was a member.

ROF is a horrible hate group.

The media spent much of the day spreading the information far and wide. Social media chimed in, blaming President Trump for the killer’s spree.


Only it’s not true.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported at 6:49 pm that the police deny there are ties – so far.

Hours after news outlets around the nation reported Cruz’s alleged ties, Leon County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Grady Jordan told the Tallahassee Democrat investigative work did not yield any connections.

“We are still doing some work but we have no known ties between the ROF, Jordan Jereb or the Broward shooter,” Jordan said.

That is confirmed at the Tampa Bay Times in a report provided by the Associated Press. In fact, the Sheriff’s office knows the group very well and they have “very solid” information.

Lt. Grady Jordan is a spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in Tallahassee, where the white nationalist militia known as the Republic of Florida is based. Jordan said Thursday that his office has arrested militia leader Jordan Jereb at least four times since January 2014 and has been monitoring the group’s membership.

He says his office has “very solid” information on the group and “there’s [sic] no known ties that we have that we can connect” 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz with the group.

Don’t think for a minute that the media will correct their reporting anytime soon. They will leave that misinformation up as they have done in other spree killing cases. The media has repeatedly made killers into Republicans, even when they are lovers on The Communist Manifesto or are Bernie supporters.


There is also an Instagram photo being spread around of a person, purportedly Nikolas Cruz, with his face wrapped in an Antifa banner and wearing a MAGA hat. Since Antifa and MAGA are opposing forces, it can’t be interpreted as support for Antifa or President Trump.

Cruz is a very confused, disturbed youth.

The NY Times reported that Instagram confirmed the account belonged to Nikolas Cruz. There was another bizarre Instagram account which appeared to go up after he was arrested. We believe that is fake.

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