Police Shoot Black Woman in the Back Five Times, Sharpton Says Nothing


Why didn’t Al Sharpton march for Miriam Carey, the young unarmed black woman who was shot five times from behind by police in 2013?

The tragedy involved the White House, Secret Service, Capitol Hill police, a much-touted female police chief, and many Democrats in Congress. Is that why?

Miriam Carey

Does anyone remember Miriam Carey’s death in 2013? Al Sharpton didn’t organize any marches for her. Jesse Jackson didn’t go to her funeral. President Obama didn’t rail against the police who killed her for acting stupidly.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want riots or police demonized and I don’t want Sharpton marching anywhere.

Her autopsy results showed she was shot five times from behind. She was shot in the back, shoulder and head allegedly before her baby was pulled from a car seat in the back of her car. The baby was unharmed.

Congressmen stood on the House floor and praised the police for their actions before they even knew what transpired.

Miriam Carey allegedly suffered from depression according to some reports but there was no alcohol or drugs in her system at the time of the shooting.

At the time this went down, the media went all out to depict her as crazy but that appears to have been completely inaccurate.

Police said she rammed a barrier though there was no damage to her car other than a small scratch. Perhaps she became frightened and confused after hitting the barrier.

She made a three-point turn hitting an officer putting a barricade in her path.


The police fired at her seven times as she took off.

CNN reporters, and all mainstream media, excused the police saying you can see why the police shot at her since she was using her car as a weapon. They were very understanding.

She drove to Garfield Circle. Police said she drove 40-80mph but the Washington Post said she drove 20mph.

She stopped and pulled into a space. Police surrounded her with guns drawn, screaming at her to get out. She backed up, hit a police car and took off around the circle. The police fired seven rounds.

A police car chased her car as she drove over the speed limit around a circle for a half mile.

She hit a car when the police fired at her from behind, killing her. They then pulled her baby out of the back seat unharmed. She was miles from the Capitol.

When it was over, 26 shots were fired but not by the unarmed Miriam Carey. She was shot in the back five times.

The family is suing the Department of Justice, the Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police for $75 million.

The lawsuit says Carey was unfamiliar with the area and mistakenly drove past the first guard post. When she tried to make a U-turn and drive away, a uniformed Secret Service officer threw a bicycle rack at her car, the lawsuit claims.

Carey panicked when she was stopped near the traffic circle and surrounded by officers with their weapons drawn, the suit alleges.

The family contends in the document there was no legal justification for officers to shoot her and doing so went against their training.

Watch the video. Carey was stopped when she was surrounded by armed police waving guns.

Police acted heroically?

The police involved in the shooting were put on administrative leave.

In this next video, Steny Hoyer – a Democrat and Obama loyalist – jumped the gun and praised the Capitol Hill police and the Secret Service. He said they acted heroically. Hoyer even got a standing ovation. Nancy Pelosi fell all over herself praising the handling of the situation.

While this shooting was going down, the congress men and women were hiding in closets and under tables.

The female police chief said the police acted heroically.

It’s hard to second guess the police, they have a tough job and we weren’t there to know how it went down, but Miriam Carey deserved better than she got. One thing is certain, our Congress acted stupidly and Al Sharpton was nowhere to be found.

Miriam Carey was a nurse, a mother, not a criminal, an Obama supporter, but she didn’t matter because Obama’s police, Congress and a female police chief – the first in DC -couldn’t be embarrassed and Al Sharpton was on board with all that because he doesn’t care about people, black or otherwise.

Full story at CNN

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