FBI Used Fake Anti-Trump Dossier to Spy on Carter Page


CNN reported that the last year the FBI used the fake anti-Trump dossier of allegations of Russian ties to Donald Trump’s campaign as part of the justification to win approval to secretly monitor a Trump associate, according to US officials briefed on the investigation.

The dossier has also been cited by FBI Director James Comey in some of his briefings to members of Congress in recent weeks, as one of the sources of information the bureau has used to bolster its investigation, according to US officials briefed on the probe, CNN reported.

These are police state tactics. If they want to get you, they will. They will make up something.

CNN is trying to say that to get FISA approval, the FBI had to corroborate it. Don’t count on it.

One must wonder if Andrew McCabe had something to do with this. He is the deputy FBI chief whose wife ran for office with funding from Clinton pals.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is currently trying to get this information from the firm that compiled the dossier and the FBI but no one is cooperating.

The dossier was put together at the behest of a mysterious Hillary Clinton donor. Read more on the link.

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