Police State Housing Enforcement Comes to Long Island



Some Americans are now willing to give up rights over their own homes in order to get rid of some illegal tenants in their neighborhood.

Westbury, where I lived for two decades, has gone over to the dark side. The “Housing Enforcement Unit” will inspect houses without notice. Landlords will be targeted thanks to modified warrants that “eliminate prior notice” and which will be “aggressively” enforced. Enforcement will engage in “housing sweeps on a regular basis.”

It gets worse. Neighbors are being encouraged to turn in their neighbors if they suspect the tenants of a home are not registered with the government. Turning in neighbors is fairly fascist.

This was started by community members who don’t seem to realize how foolish it is to turn over this kind of power to an enforcement agency.

Some in Westbury Long Island are frustrated which is understandable but they are delusional if they think giving up their freedom is worth the price of rendering warrants meaningless. Illegal rentals were a problem when I lived there but raiding peoples’ homes is not worth the price.

Many landlords are renting rooms in their homes in order to cover their expenses. Nassau County, which is the county Westbury is in, has the second highest real estate tax rate in the nation.

Long Island News 12 also gave out an email address and phone number encouraging viewers to, “report a suspected illegal rental.” The station is owned by Cablevision which also owns Newsday – all under the liberal-left domination of the Dolans so this isn’t surprising.