Police State USA! Trump Blasts FBI Break-In of His Lawyer’s Home, Offices

President Trump blasted the break-ins of his personal lawyer’s home and offices Monday as an “attack on our country”. He has reason to say that. Our country is facing very dangerous foreign enemies and these bureaucrats and Democrats are doing their best to damage the administration.

A pornstar with an EZ-Pass on her back is more important than Hillary Clinton’s violations of national security.

The FBI raided Michael D. Cohen’s offices and his home. Cohen is Trump’s personal lawyer. They took privileged communications between Cohen and his clients. These are police state tactics.

The raids were totally unnecessary. Cohen has been fully cooperative.

They also took phone records, computers, financial documents related to a number of issues, including Stormy Daniels.

The Washington Post cites three sources as saying Cohen “is under federal investigation for possible bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations.” The question does arise, “What did they find” and was it so egregious as to warrant this?

President Trump called it a witch hunt and suggested he might fire Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. He should think about firing Jeff Sessions while he’s at it. It’s a terrible situation with the events in Syria taking place at the same time.

The President, Michael Cohen and all these people working in this administration are heroes who are being subjected to untold abuse by the far-left and establishment officials running a shadow government. The administration is fighting to keep this country from becoming a one-party leftist nation.

Mollie Hemingway discussed the significant conflicts of interest both Mueller and Rosenstein encompass. She also brought up Mueller’s record in the Anthrax disaster when he accused an innocent person, ruining his life.



  1. This is all out war between the Whitehouse and deep state actors. Trump needs to launch a full blast retaliatory strike. Fire Sessions Rosenstien and Mueller TONIGHT for starters and let the chips fall where they may. Enough is enough!

  2. This will seem like to simple an explanation but I’m probably not too far off…since Trump just sent 4000 troops to the border to stop democrat’s beloved illegals , I think comrad-democrat-Mueller is doing a bit of ”tit for tat” by sending armed men to seize documents at Trump’ lawyer’s…

    • “Tit for tat” has nothing to do with it. Dirty cop, Mueller, has a history of such tactics. This is the deep state stepping it up. Russia collusion lie failed. They need and will continue to keep the assault on liberty, American and Trump going until the moment he walks out of the Oval Office for good.

      This is about the deep state doing the dirty work of their globalist masters and America be damned.

  3. I developed a headache last evening the moment this news broke. Americans are turning a blind eye to this mass destruction of our liberties because of the disdain they have been brainwashed into holding against Trump, liberty and the nation.

    If ideologues are successful, the reality check will surely come the hour when their doors are kicked down. Horrible moment for liberty.

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