Political Editor Admires China Gun Control, It’s “Pretty Cool Over There”


In the aftermath of the horrific school shooting in Florida, a never-Trumper political editor for Fox News seemed to promote China’s gun control. Chris Stirewalt told Shannon Bream last evening on her show FoxNews@Night that “China doesn’t have mass shootings”.

Stirewalt began, “China does a really good job at preventing dissent, China doesn’t have mass shootings like these, and China doesn’t have these problems. You know what else China has?”

Mrs. Bream jumped in, “No freedom!”

Barely batting an eye, Stirewalt continued: “They have something called your social score and your social score reflects all the things you do online, use facial recognition to track you as you go through life and your associations.”

Suddenly realizing we are a free nation, he concluded, “Look everything’s pretty cool over there but in our very messy often chaotic experiment in self-government we still prize liberty in all amendments…uh…first ten amendments to the Constitution.”

A faint tinge of regret could be found in his expression.

No Freedom for Gun Owners

Stirewalt might lament freedom when it comes to the Second Amendment. He also gave the impression of admiring China spying on its citizens.

China’s not “pretty cool” with its robot population and our government is not an experiment. Someone needs to have a talk with Stirewalt. He’s the commentator who sat nightly with the former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly in 2016 to trash Trump. Pretending neutrality, sarcasm dripped from his every word.

Perhaps he didn’t mean to promote China’s gun control, but it didn’t come across very well if he had another intent.

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5 years ago

Here’s the stats for sweet home Chicago, Year to Date 2018 Stats
Shot & Killed: 52
Shot & Wounded: 219
Total Shot: 271
Total Homicides: 62

The Politicians, Media, only want to talk about killings when its done in masses. Oh and this puke in Florida, Broward County Sheriff’s deputies between 2010 thru 2016 received at least 36 emergency 911 calls from 80th Terrace St., in Parkland – the suburban address where the teenager lived with his younger brother, Zachary, and their adoptive mother, Lynda, reasons ranging from the brothers beating each other to Cruz, at the age of 12, threating his mother and calling her a “useless b****”.According to reports, Cruz and his brother both suffered from mental health issues, including ADHD and OCD, and took medication as treatment, Cruz had sought treatment at Henderson mental Health Clinic and had previously attended a school for students with behavioral problems,despite the cop calls, a report to the FBI based on a social media posting, his former classmates expressing fear of him and a documented history of mental health issues…………………….. ITS THE AR15 THAT DID THE KILLING !!!!!!!!! ACCORDING TO THE POLITICIANS(DEMS) AND THE MSM !!!

5 years ago

Stirewalt is an unintelligent leftist Trump hater who will say whatever he thinks ingratiates him with the leftist Murdoch sons. Everything he does on Fox bombs, that’s why they can only afford to put him in guest spots where he makes a fool of himself.

The magnitude of oppression in China exceeds anything else in world history.

5 years ago

I only recently heard of the Chris character since finding Fox on livestreams. Only after listening to him a few times I quit listening to anything he has to say. I put him up there with Shepherd Smith, the criminal.

People like him are unable to think beyond a single point. I would ask if he has ever been to China, or lived there. There is one overriding facet of China and its people. There is a high degree of “national pride” even among dissenters.

One of the big differences between that country and ours is the “culture of hate” being promulgated on the unwitting public. It begins in the classroom and the many instances of indoctrination contrary to the greater good, and nearly subversive in nature. Included in this “culture of hate” is the media and politicians alike. It is the “milder” version of techniques that terrorists organizations teach. The violent recourse is only accomplished by demonizing others to such a degree that the victim is sub-human.

With all this propaganda it is no surprise there are violent actors that seek revenge for any reason. The situation is compounded when this student is thrown to the streets, on his own, which, day by day, will increase hostility. There is no intervention. We have to come to realize that common decency has been obliterated and the idea of right and wrong are gone by the wayside. The attacks on Trump are a microcosm of the wider societal breakdown.

We hear the left use code-words like “the root cause” and that is defined as the weapon itself. This is an extremely ignorant statement. A ‘root’ is the part that everything develops from and the use of a weapon is the culmination of what the actual root developed into. The root is hate and anger that is not vanquished. It is NOT school shootings alone that are the issue. What concern is there for black communities that suffer this on a daily basis. Why is it only when “white students” are the victims that nationwide outrage occurs.

One factor that is overlooked in school shootings and methods to mitigate the act fail to realize the preparation undertaken by those who commit the act. These particular criminals work to circumvent whatever precautions are instituted. If someone is intent on murdering fellow classmates they will certainly find the appropriate venue. It is the “root cause” that needs to be studied and analyzed with the results being ingrained into society.

Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
5 years ago

The Chinese government does the executions and abortions, not mentally ill citizens