Political Rehab!



Do you find yourself yelling at your TV sets?

Did all the Sunday morning shows really piss you off?

Are David Gregory, Chris Matthews and even Bill O’Reilly and Sean really starting to annoy you? When you read the papers did you only read the sports section, because you just can’t stand to “read that stuff” anymore?

Is Fox also really irritating the hell out of you?

Maybe you need intensive psychotherapy or, better yet, a 28 day stay in a “political rehab.”

However, if you want to try a less aggressive treatment for your outbursts, I just may have a solution.

Try venting your anger by calling the following  number: 202-225-3906.

Just leave a message! You don’t even have to tell them your name! But it feels soooo good if you do!

No – it’s not donating to your favorite charity.

No- it’s not phone sex!

No- it’s not even someone you can really “tell off”.

It’s the listed telephone number of Congressman Darrel Issa’s office (R-49th CA) in Washington DC.

You are calling to personally thank him and Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) for sponsoring and passing a bill on Friday that made sure our federal employees in DC will not be getting their expected raise this year. Sweet revenge!!!

These bums should be paying us!

Let me fill you in.

In December, President Obama circumvented his constitutional authority again. By executive order, he mandated a 5% “cost of living” pay hike for all the overworked and underpaid bastards in Washington!

But, according to the Constitution, only the House of Representatives can pass expenditure bills.

Led by Congressmen Issa and Fitzpatrick, the House voted last Friday to overturn Obama’s order and FREEZE  the pay of all federal workers for the third year in a row! Except for the military! BRAVO!  Way to go!  And to make it even more meaningful, it was bi-partisan. The vote was 261-154.

I feel myself getting closer to watching “Meet The Press” again.

Amazingly, 43 Democrats actually voted for the freeze as well.

But, 10 Republicans voted for the raise. Please find out who they are, so you tell them how you feel. That’s a major part of your new political anger management program!

Some of you may think that paying for this proposed salary increase and all the rest of our 17 trillion dollar debt is just not important! Let’s just “kick the can down the road,” and  someone else can pay for it, like our children and grandchildren.

These are the relevant stats:

  1. there are a total of 174,000 federal employees! You’re  kidding? That’s 174 THOUSAND, and they include our own Congressmen and Senators. And you said our government wasn’t bloated.
  2. this salary increase would cost my granddaughter (get ready!) $11 BILLION DOLLARS over the next 10 years! That’s billion, with a “B!” Just for their salary increase.

Please don’t feel bad for federal workers. They still get increases if they are promoted and they still get a pay raise with each new pay-grade. Our Congressmen? Who cares?

If conditions were so bad for these poor workers, how come voluntarily leaving the government is at an all-time low.

So get busy and call! I promise you will feel better!

Unfortunately, it’s only a temporary cure. Next week you will probably be back screaming at Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner on “Sixty Minutes!”

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want a pay freeze because people need to respect the work they do. She is trying to claim federal employees don’t get raises, they do, this is only one of them:

via Daily Caller


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