Politically Correct Bot Will Correct You If You Say “Illegal Immigrant” on Twitter



There is a new bot running on Twitter that was created to inform people they mustn’t use the term “illegal immigrant” and they must say “unauthorized immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant”.

Therefore, the Sentinel will use the terms “illegal alien” or “people here illegally”.

The bot creators believe the terms are no longer socially acceptable so they are going to remind you if you use it on Twitter.

It can be seen at @DroptheIBot.

drop the i bot

The bot was created by a Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas according to a story they wrote for Fusion. They quoted an illegal alien and immigration activist who came here as a child. The apparent DREAMer, Jose Antonio Vargas, said in an interview that “Actions are illegal. People are not.”

Mr. Vargas said it is “dehumanizing to people who came to the U.S. without proper paperwork.”

I don’t know if Mr. Vargas is sincere or not but when I hear the argument he made, knowing how the left operates, I sense they are trying to change how we view illegal aliens so they can keep those borders open. I’m sorry Mr. Vargas feels dehumanized but words have to reflect the truth. People here illegally aren’t normal immigrants either. In fact, it’s starting to look more like an invasion and we don’t even know who the people are who are coming here.

Politically Correct bots might be a bridge too far for most of us because this one is receiving mostly negative feedback.

Mr. Vargas and others can keep their Newspeak to themselves.

Aside from one’s beliefs about unfettered illegal immigration, political correctness is a form of Fascism and there’s no end once people give up their free speech and go down that road.




  1. Marxist continue their rampage through our freedoms in order to rule us. Words have meaning in the real world–in their Utopian Paradise anything goes according to their mandates.

  2. Not a problem.. You mentioned illegal Alien, I tend to use that anyway because they aren’t immigrants. As Pamela said, wetback works, so does spic, border hoppers, invading hordes, criminal occupiers and a host of others, hell we could even resurrect the word greaser..

    Trump used some nouns that fit a lot of them..

  3. I’m afraid I didn’t see this in time.. I went to @DroptheIBot to stir things up a little.. but found I didn’t need to.. They’re already in Twitter Gulag

    “Account suspended
    This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.”

  4. They want legitimate, accurate, legal language? So be it.

    Hypocritical, disrespectful, non-assimilating, criminal, racist foreign invaders by the millions!

  5. Wow. This politically correct garbage is getting out of hand. These people are immigrants, who are breaking immigration law. Their immigration is illegal. Therefore they are illegal immigrants. If you go boating on a restricted stretch or river and a park ranger refers to you as an “illegal boater” are you going to accuse them of dehumanizing you?! or maybe you’ll insist they say “permitless individual” as they are writing out the fine. The word “illegal” fits here. Regardless of your opinion of the content of the law, its fact that laws are being broken. Don’t like it? We need to change the law!! not engage in this asinine politically correct double think.

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