Politicized Rio Olympics Equate Olympic Values to Leftist Values


The spectacle of a sporting event, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, is officially underway after a colorful opening ceremony at the Maracana Stadium. The leftists have taken it over and made it into a political statement about their favorite topics. It’s no longer simply a sporting event.

We should rename them the mind control games.

They touted themselves as the “greenest Olympics ever” but their country is polluted, especially their waters.

It was themed as opposed to crazed spectacle.

Once leftists take hold of anything it’s ruined. Why can’t they just let people enjoy something together without thinking in terms of divisions?

They opened with climate change which most of us call seasons.

The world must do whatever it can to stop climate change, a voice echoed throughout.

The heat is melting the ice cap,” the voice said. “It’s disappearing very quickly.”

Sprinkled in was a segment showing the alleged effects of the melting polar ice cap and subsequent rising sea level on places that include Amsterdam, Dubai, Lagos, Shanghai, Florida and Rio de Janeiro itself. A green peace sign shone in the middle of Maracana Stadium.

The Opening Ceremony also showed an animation of increasing temperatures, according to HuffPo.

Loud cheers rang out as the Refugee Olympic Team were introduced, while hosts Brazil were the last nation to enter the occasion.

President of the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee Carlos Nuzman and International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach both spoke with pride and stressed the importance of Olympic values and multiculturalism.

Olympic values are multiculturalism.


Rio is where they held the climate change summit and it’s the most polluted place on earth.

Maybe they should worry about cleaning up their sewage system before they worry about the world.

Home of Agenda 21 Summit Is the Most Polluted Place on Earth



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