Politico Admits There’s a Deep State Exacting Revenge


Politico admitted — unwittingly — that there is a deep state of Obama holdover diplomats in the State Department trying to overturn the election. The State Department has always been a lair for leftists.

Politico reported, “They’ve been derided as a ‘deep state,’ slurred as ‘Obama holdovers,’ threatened with draconian budget cuts and told President Donald Trump doesn’t even need them.

“Now, America’s diplomats are taking their revenge.”


In other words, what Politico is saying is they are seeking revenge because they are deep staters involved in the coup. And they are Obama holdovers.

Their goals are to prove Rudy was conducting ‘shadow diplomacy’ to harm the obviously corrupt Bidens and to make it seem as if an innocent phone call, for which we have the transcript, was somehow quid pro quo.

It’s the new Russia-Trump conspiracy since the last one was a complete fallacy.

“People are fed up,” said Laura Kennedy, a former U.S. ambassador who remains in touch with officials in the State Department. “There’s a deep well of resentment that’s just bubbled toward the top.”

So, in other words, they are to be trusted because they’re resentful and seeking revenge??? They are also afraid they’ll lose their cushy jobs.

“Lower-level people are still terrified they’ll be wrapped up in this,” a former State official said. “They’re glad to see Masha [Marie Yovanoitch], Mike and George wave the flag for the foreign service but still not convinced people won’t get screwed.”

The bureaucrats — the deep state — don’t like anyone interfering with their power and the way they like things done. The Bidens didn’t do that because what they did is the way they like things done.

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