Politico Fake News About 65 Women Who Supported Brett Kavanaugh


The left is incensed that 65 women signed a letter vouching for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s character. The news stories casting dispersions on the letter have been debunked but new ones keep popping up. Case in point — Politico’s Daniel Lippman posted a tweet and a story today that included information about the 65 women.

In his tweet, he wrote, “@AndrewRestuccia and I called many of Kavanaugh’s 65 female HS acquittances who signed a letter supporting him. After his accuser came out on Sunday, only TWO said they still stood by him. More than two dozen didn’t respond, and two declined to comment.”

That tweet gives the definite impression that only two still stand by him and most of the remainder don’t. In fact, only two answered the question, although he wrote five supported the judge in the body of the article he linked to. The rest just didn’t answer the question or talk to them.

No matter what these women say, they know they’ll be savaged in the press at some point to discredit the judge.

In the tweet, Lippman basically says, the wrong impression aside, two stood by him, two wouldn’t comment, and more than two dozen didn’t respond.

In the article, Lippman writes:

Kavanaugh’s defenders as of Monday included five of the 65 high-school acquaintances who signed an open letter last week vouching for his character after the allegations were first reported.

“I stand by the letter I signed. I do not know this woman,” said Stephanie Conway McGill by email on Sunday, referring to Ford. Meghan McCaleb said: “I absolutely stand by the letter we signed.”

“I 100 percent stand behind my letter,” Julie DeVol, another of the women who signed the letter, told POLITICO Monday.

“I know him very well and I’m 100 percent behind him,” Suzanne Matan said in a brief interview.

“The Brett Kavanaugh I know is a good and decent person, and I have never seen him treat women with anything but respect,” Virginia Hume wrote on Twitter Monday.

More than two dozen of the women who signed onto the letter did not immediately respond when contacted by POLITICO about whether they still stood behind their defense of Kavanaugh. Two of the women who signed the letter declined to comment.

A number “did not immediately respond” or “declined to comment”. That doesn’t mean a rejection of Kavanaugh. It’s more than likely a rejection of Daniel Lippman and/or Politico.

Meanwhile, Senator Feinstein, who employed a Chinese spy for twenty years, has raised the ire of Senator Grassley. She won’t cooperate and claims cryptically there will be more to come out about the Judge.

The President said Monday that he is willing to accept a delay after praising him.

As a side note, in order to compete with Judge Kavanaugh’s 65 women supporters, a letter was sent to the former students of the accuser’s school and 200 women signed it but most don’t even know who she is. Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she signed it because she was in her graduating class.

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