Politics of Fear And Terror From the Unhinged Left [Video]


We are watching the politics of fear and terror in action. It is an effort to manipulate and control the masses. Democrat ravings have reached fever pitch upon the nomination of Brett Kavanagh, a man who has promised to strictly follow the rule of law. The judge has sworn to interpret the law, not legislate, yet Democrats [Socialists] began maligning him before he was nominated.

This montage below demonstrates how radical and irrational the conversation has become.

Judge Brett Kavanagh is a learned and esteemed intellectual, a graduate of Yale, once hired by Justice Kagen. He is of concern to some on the right because he helped Justice Roberts write his odd opinion on Obamacare. Nevertheless, the left claims he will destroy healthcare in this country, something they have already put into motion with the flawed Affordable Care Act.

As far as abortion, Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. The Justices might vote to throw it back to the states and put Planned Parenthood funding back with the states. Those are possibilities.

Democrats are claiming all rights will be lost, They want to rule the nation with fear and terror. If people don’t abide, Democrats become abusive and violent.

This is what Democrats want for the United States. They fail to move back to the center and the party is no longer the party of JFK. Democrats have adopted the radical left at their core.


Originally, Democrats said abortion should be safe and rare but they have a new position, a more honest but evil one.  They now say abortion is to be celebrated no matter the gestation period or the reason.

Unfunny comic Michelle Wolff said on Netflix this week, “God Bless Abortion, God Bless America” as she marched around in a sparkly flag outfit. We are in the midst of evil. Snuffing out an incipient life is not to be celebrated.

Democrats now champion sin. Their original position that the baby is not life upon conception has been disproven by sonograms so they have moved on to say it is a wonderful event. Abortion is sometimes needed but it is not something we should regale.

Democrats hysterically claim all rights will be lost if Judge Kavanagh is appointed.

Watch the radical, Marxist left:

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