Politifact thinks Dems aren’t giving free healthcare to illegals


Republican Party of Florida chairman Joe Gruters faced off with the chair of the Democrat Party Terrie Rizzo but it wasn’t a level playing field. Politifact jumped in when Rizzo demanded a fact check after Gruters said this:

“All the Democrats on the entire stage — every Democratic candidate said they want to give free health care to illegals,” Gruters said during a Tampa Bay Times forum Nov. 6. “That’s them saying, that’s what they said in the debate. It wasn’t me saying it. They raised their hands — every single one of them — free health care for illegals.”

Politifact claimed it was mostly false and they brought the President into it, claiming he too was lying. One of the things they said is Warren wasn’t present on the stage when everyone raised their hand to affirm their commitment to a free illegal alien healthcare, but they forgot to mention that she said later she would give free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

Politifact wrote that Buttigieg, Bennet, and Yang said undocumented immigrants would have the option to buy coverage through a public option, the insurance marketplace, or Medicare for All, respectively.

How long before it’s free should one of them get elected? In any case, they will give them access and the sliding scale will hit.

Medicare for All does cover everyone regardless of immigration status. That is how the bill is written. It’s all ready to go. HR 1384 covers everyone who resides in the country. It says nothing about legal residents.

Medicare for All will include free dental, vision, hearing, long-term care, pharmaceuticals, and full healthcare as ‘appropriate.’ It would give free healthcare to any foreigner who happens to wander in. The plan also basically eliminates all private insurance. It puts all our lives in the hands of big government.


Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez told Chris Wallace on Fox News in June that free healthcare for all illegal aliens is “not a handout.” It is “morality.”

The top Democrat contenders all promised to give free healthcare to anyone in the country.

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Jerome E. Goodwin
Jerome E. Goodwin
4 years ago

OK Democrats where will the Doctors go to get paid if you say it is free does that not amount to stealing from the Medical Community?

Judy Abbott
Judy Abbott
4 years ago

They will get (under) paid through Medicaid. Venezuela here we come!