Poll Shows 82% of Liberal Democrats Dislike ICE, a Stunning 53% Hate Them


According to a National survey released by Pew Research Center on Tuesday, Democrats don’t like ICE to varying degrees, ranging from dislike to hate. That falls in line with the Abolish ICE and open borders policies they support. Even so-called mainstream Democrats want to abolish ICE or ‘reimagine’ it.

The bottom line is Democrats don’t want ICE used to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

The poll surveyed 1,007 adults over four days in mid-July. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

Most government agencies are viewed favorably. The one agency that’s not is the one at the center of the far-left battle for control of the Democratic Party — ICE. It’s also a focus of an anti-ICE media storm. That might have affected the poll results.

Overall, ICE was viewed 47 percent unfavorably compared to 44 percent favorably.

Republicans and Democrats have diametrically opposing views on this agency, Pew notes. The differences are especially drastic when comparing liberal Democrats to conservative Republicans.


The same percentage of Republicans, 72 percent, view ICE favorably and 72 percent of Democrats view ICE unfavorably.

“The differences are particularly stark between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats,” the study says, and the numbers show a large difference of opinion on ICE between those farther on the left and those farther on the right.

Over eight in 10 liberal Democrats, 82 percent, view ICE unfavorably. A stunning 53 percent of those view ICE very unfavorably.

These numbers compare to conservative Republicans, where 77 percent view ICE positively, 40 percent of that view ICE very positively.

This comes as Democratic lawmakers call to abolish ICE. This is the agency responsible for protecting the country from cross-border crime and illegal immigration. Both threaten the national security and safety of U.S. citizens.

The results seem to show the Democratic lawmakers have easily won over their followers to what is a very radical cause, bolstered by gross media misinformation.

A Rasmussen poll released on July 5 shows that a majority of Americans do not want ICE abolished.


Key Democrats are calling for the agency to be split and the border enforcement arm to become a humanitarian service of some kind.

There is little doubt Democrats have swung far-left and will support the open borders platform. The only differences among Democrats are in how incremental the transformation should be.

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