Polling on RINO Jeff Flake Shows 21% of Republican Voters Like Him


Former state senator from Arizona Dr. Kelli Ward wants to do something about the do-nothing Senate by replacing U.S. Senator Jeff Flake whose poll numbers are in the tank.

According to a new poll by JMC Analytics, only 21 percent of Arizona Republicans support Senator Jeff Flake for reelection against challenger Dr. Kelli Ward—who wins 47 percent support in the poll matchup.

Another 67% of likely Republican voters have an unfavorable opinion of Flake.

There is a large margin of error at 4.4%. It’s also very early. But other polls have the same results.

A poll from HighGround showed Flake was trailing his primary challenger, former State Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward, by 14 points in next year’s primary, while a Public Policy Polling survey showed 62 percent of Arizonans said they disapprove of the work Flake has done, KTAR News reports.

If the election were held today, however, Kelli Ward would be ahead by 47% to his 21%. Another 29% were undecided.

Trump voters are behind Dr. Ward and have been donating to her PAC.

The President and Flake have been going at each other. Flake recently wrote a book in which he attacks Donald Trump.

The President didn’t come out directly to endorse Dr. Ward but came close.

Flake blasts Trump and his supporters regularly. Flake’s opponent in the Primary, Kelli Ward, says Flake is undermining Trump at every turn, particularly on healthcare. She claims he never intended to have Obamacare repealed and replaced.

Flake has not only trashed Trump, he calls his supporters, “nativists”, “loud”, and “protectionists”. [Love how he generalizes.] Flake thinks he can win by pandering which is what he’s doing in this clip.

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