Polls don’t look good for Dems’ ‘bribery, treason, collusion impeachment’


Quarterly polling by the Republican firm Firehouse Strategies, with Optimus, had President Trump struggling in the mega-battlegrounds of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — but in the newest edition, he beats every Democrat.

This poll suggests Democrats have taken things too far with their vicious hatred of the President.

The President’s popularity today is at 51%, according to Rasmussen Reports’ daily averages. Disapproval is at 48%.

An NBC/WSJ poll just out has MSNBC/CNN watchers approving of impeachment by 72% and Fox News viewers by 30%.

It has also been great for funding — of the Republicans.


It literally is a kangaroo court.

This impeachment is not supported by the facts, it’s not supported by the law, and it’s not supported by the voters. 

Democrats turned over thousands of pages of documents yesterday within hours of this hearing so Republicans wouldn’t have a chance to review them.

Twitter is almost totally tweeting from the left-wing viewpoint. Somehow they are suppressing Republican tweets or Republicans have better things to do.

The minority will not be allowed to present any witnesses.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that the Democrats’ lawyer is also a witness.


The House Judiciary report suggests the President is a traitor. They tried to say that at the hearing on Monday.

Berke began his opening statement by sharing that his young son asked him recently if the president has to be a good person. He said no, but that is “the hope.” Berke proceeded to question Trump’s demeanor during his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

He actually used the tired old saw of his son asking about the President.

He said the President’s “impeachable offenses” “threaten our republic.”

Rep. Johnson accused Berke of violating Rule 17, which governs decorum and debate.

“The witness has used language which impugns the motives of the president and suggests that he’s disloyal to his country, and those words should be stricken from the record and taken down,” Johnson said.

Nadler refused to hear Johnson’s point of order on Berke, and told Johnson that “the topic of the hearing is the president’s misconduct, so none of us should find it surprising that we are hearing testimony that is critical of the president.”

You get the idea.


In any case, the President extorted or bribed Ukraine. Oh, no wait, that was Joe Biden.

Well, he definitely colluded with Russia. He was a traitor. Oops, that wasn’t him either.

But, Trump obstructed justice and erased or otherwise smashed the hard drives. Oh, no, there I go again, that was Hillary. She led off the Uranium sale to Russia and later got a 100 million dollar plus donation to the Clinton charity.

Well, at least we know he was guilty of quid pro quo and play-for-pay. Uh, no, that was silly of me, it was Hillary again with that Clinton Foundation. She even took tens of millions from a country that thinks being gay is an offense worthy of the death penalty.

I have it! I know what Trump did wrong!

They want to impeach him because he called the Ukraine President. The Democrats didn’t like eight lines in the call.

But Democrats had that great economy. Uh, no theirs was anemic, and it’s Trump’s economy.

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