Pollster Never Heard Language This Extreme, Sends a Dire Warning


Frank Luntz who appears to be a mostly neutral pollster has hung around with RINOs in the past which suggests that is how he leans. He appeared on The Ingraham Angle last night and she played a clip of Joe Biden saying he will put health insurance execs who disagree with him in jail [that’s totalitarianism]. She asked him what he thought about that.

Luntz began by saying the fight for the “soul” of the Democratic Party is “over.” The hostility of these candidates to CEOs, and to corporate, and to those who have been successful is “significant,” he believes.

“The language that I heard in the last 48 hours, is language I never heard from any mainstream Democrat and any time they went anti-corporate, anti-CEO, anti-success, the audience just lit up with applause,” he said.

Ingraham later played clips of Warren and Sanders ranting against corporations and asked for his reaction to their acrimonious invective. Luntz said, “holding them [CEOs] by the throats” is so graphic that he wants the CEOs, every executive to understand, “They’re after you.”

These successful people are the same people funding these Democrats who are now the extreme far-left.

Their goal is to overturn the capitalist government, Luntz said, “economic freedom is under attack…it is significant.”

Welcome to the real world, Frank. That’s what the Tea Party tried to tell people and their reward for sounding the alarm was to be called vile names, to be physically assaulted, and called extremists, KKK, and Nazis. The Tea Party was comprised of normal Americans for the most part. The Occupy Wall Street mob which sprung up in response were marching around with communist flags.

The candidates are kooks and worse. Communist De Blasio wants to “tax the hell out of the wealthy,” and that’s what they all want to do. The Democrat audience loved it.

“This is about changing the structure of the economy of the United States, and they are determined to turn it upside down. I’ve never heard candidates this extreme, I’ve never heard candidates this hostile to economic freedom [all freedoms], and they’ve got the base of the Democratic Party absolutely behind them…”

Democrats have always been subject to turning towards communism. They were always at risk and now it’s here.

AOC’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, both products of the Justice Democrats, already explained that’s what the Green New Deal is really about.

Unless the far-left Democrats are put back under the rocks they came from, this country is done.

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