Polygraph Is In, Inquisition Is Tomorrow, Vote Is Still on for Friday


Anything could happen tomorrow because the set up is much like the Inquisition or the Salem Witch trials. The accuser and the accused each give their side of the story and everyone watching gets to pick the person they think is telling the truth. The other has his or her life ruined. Although, Mrs. Ford could probably write a book for ten million dollars and go on talk shows.

Mrs. Ford taking the polygraph.


Only one accuser will testify Thursday but there are three accusers in total. The second and third are a lot shakier than the first who is shaky.


Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford’s polygraph was released Wednesday, but she will not release the therapist notes which are far more important than the polygraph.

The information that matters are the therapist notes. Mrs. Ford cherry-picked a couple paragraphs and even they don’t match the statements she has made about their being only two boys in the room when she was assaulted. We don’t know how many were at the party.

Mrs. Ford’s polygraph stated there were four boys and a couple girls at the party.

In her letter to Feinstein, she said it was me and four others.

To the Washington Post, she said there were four boys at the party.

Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, later told CNN that there were four guys and one other girl at the party.

She really doesn’t know how many people were in the room or at the party or even what gender they were. None of her witnesses remember the party.  No one does.

About the polygraph, Mrs. Ford signed a handwritten statement after meeting with her lawyer prior to taking the polygraph.

There were corrections all over the place on her handwritten statement. When did she make the corrections and did she have guidance when she made them?

One week after Mrs. Ford wrote the letter to Feinstein, she went to Maryland from California — got their somehow although we know she won’t fly.

Her handwritten notes did not mention Brett Kavanaugh and the mention of Kavanaugh was during the interview, not the polygraph.

She was asked two general questions, no specifics, and the two questions were almost the exact same question:

Is any part of your written statement false? No.

Did you make any of it up? No.

There are no control questions. It’s ridiculous. The test isn’t very good to begin with and with her background in psychology, she could beat it.

Also, to make it even more ridiculous, her lawyer reviewed the questions with her prior to the test.


The second accuser doesn’t have evidence and won’t testify, but she is insisting on an FBI investigation.

The reason the Democrats want the FBI to investigate is because it takes years to complete a probe like this and there won’t be a conclusion at the end of it.

Mrs. Deborah Ramirez couldn’t even remember if Kavanaugh was the guilty party who exposed himself. She needed six days with her lawyer who helped her remember.


The third accuser admitted to committing a crime. As a college student, she attended high school parties and watched girls drug and drink while “trains of men” lined up to gang rape them.

She did not report this to the police or anyone but she did keep going to the parties. In fact, no one reported it and no one is backing her up at this time.

Ms. Swetnick has already been caught in a lie unless it’s her lawyer who’s lying. Her attorney, porn lawyer Michael Avenatti said his client didn’t have all the details of what transpired at the parties, but in her declaration she said she saw the gang-rape lines at many parties and more.





  1. I rarely watch news on tv. but last evening watched the News Hour on PBS…they devoted almost the entire hour to that Kavanaugh/Ford thing…and they were so INTENSELY biased it was ridiculous

    the talked as if we were way WAY past presumption of innocence , as if we had solid evidence and the debate was over; Kavanaugh was guilty.

    the whole time they talked as if it was 100% sure Ford is telling the truth, as if it is already proven the thing happened, not once NOT ONCE did they talk as if it is possible Kavanaugh might be innocent…not once did they say we do not know who is telling the truth.

    to the PBS News Hour Ford is telling the truth PERIOD.

    they even had an ” expert” on who did not once say ” if it is true” or ” if it happened” , there were no ” if” , no she said that we need to know more about what Ford exeperienced as if it is 100% certain Kavanaugh did assault her. Presumption of innocence does not exist for those deranged people.

    everyone on the News Hour talked as if it is 100% certain Kavanaugh tried to rape Ford

    Not once did they mention ALL of Ford’s four witnesses said ; NO we are not witnesses, we have no idea what Ford is talking about

    then the News Hour complained about Trump’s attitude because his tone and body language seem to indicate he thinks Kavanaugh is innocent

    How dare Trump suggest which party is innocent before we have all the evidence!
    Does not Trump know that only the PBS News Hour is allowed to conclude which party is guilty before we have all the evidence?

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